Voxengo – Analogflux Suite 1.5.2 VST x86

By | December 3, 2015


Analogflux is a suite of audio processing VST plugins designed to deliver the sounds of the analog days.  In the core of these processors we have extensively used convolution processing to match the response of the original analog gear.  This suite consists of TapeBus, Delay, Impulse, Insert and Chorus plug-ins.

The TapeBus VST plugin recreates characteristic elements of the reel-to-reel tape sound.  This includes saturation, modulation noise and smearing effects which are known for the ‘analog’ feel they bring to any audio recording.  This plug-in also applies a selected impulse response taken by us from the existing tape machine.

The Delay VST plugin models the sound of an old analog delay module.  Beside this, it offers the user modern two-tap delay controls, including separate pre-delay and feedback delay controls which together allow you to build ping-pong kinds of echo soundscapes.  The plug-in also contains a cross-feedback path between the channels, which enables you to create some even more complex echo structures.  Our delay module also offers you a BPM control with the ability to sync it to the host’s tempo changes.  And most importantly, you can choose the response of the delay module: from moderately bright to endlessly dark, taken from the real analog delay module.

The Insert VST plugin is our attempt to create a simple processor which could be inserted on any track to make it sound less digitally-focused and thus make it sound warmer.  Beside the severe phase smearing this plug-in introduces it also allows you to apply modulation noise of selectable strength.  This processor while sounding subtle at the first glance can do miracles at taming overly sharp transients.

The Impulse VST plugin is a greatly simplified version of our Pristine Space 8-channel convolution processor.  The Impulse plug-in is a two-channel convolution processor designed to be used on channel inserts and reverb sends.  It allows you to load impulses stored in WAV and AIFF audio files, and also offers you a selection of built-in impulses including vintage spring reverb.

The Chorus plug-in offers you a stereo chorus plug-in which features 8 operators (4 for each output channel), creating together a really huge and convincing chorus applicable to vocals, guitars and synth instruments.


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  1. Nandhini

    Avid is trying to maiatnin their monopoly, as usual. No surprise there.VST has been a standard for all non-Pro Tools daws in multiplatform, but especially on Windows. I bet if I asked an Avid developer why AAX is better than VST, their answer would be filled with Avid marketing points and almost no substance.AAX becoming obsolete before it’s even mature? Of course they don’t want that. They want to separate Pro Tools and VST as much as they can! If they could do like North Korea and control the information their clients get, they would tell all PT users VST doesn’t even exist, and it’s just a story moms tell kids to make them finish their soup.


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