Ample Sound – AGL2 2.1.0 + UPDATE 2.2.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, RTAS, AAX x86 x64

By | May 7, 2016



Ample Guitar L II aim to bring the Alhambra Luthier Classic Guitar sound to your studio.


  • Added Cycle+ Feature. When toggled on, sample cycles can reach up to 24 (default is 8), which significantly enhances repetitive notes.
  • No more bland and robotic ‘machine gun effect’.
  • Added automatic stroke noise applied to solo mode, making riffs more realistic.
  • Added MIDI channel information for exported MIDI.
  • The mute notes of electric guitar Strummer will stop other voices.
  • Changed windows complete installers to self-extract execution files.
  • No more decompression software (e.g. Winrar) needed.
  • Improved GUI efficiency on Mac.
  • Added new version upgrade reminder.


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