Sound DUST – Flutter EP (KONTAKT)

By | June 2, 2016



Sound Dust has released Flutter EP for Kontakt, a new hybrid sample instrument designed for making tempo locked, time synced mayhem of an electrical piano nature. Each note has its own individual BPM synced trigger mode and it gets its name from the unique modwheel control which creates real-time flutter/glitch effects.

Included are 120 presets built from a hybrid of hardware synths and keyboards:

  • 1.2GB (compressed) 24-bit stereo samples.
  • 120 presets created from 12 imagined electric piano and organ multisample sets.
  • Sample sets made from variations of Hohner Pianet T, Moog Voyager, Nord Modular, Nord Wave, Soulsby Atmegatron, Waldorf Wave XTand DSi Pro2 all recorded through a stereo pair of Warm Audio Tone Beast preamps.
  • Macro page with quick access to master controls of volume envelope, filter, effect sends and tube/transistor distortion.
  • Micro page with individual control on a per note basis of volume envelope, pan, low and highpass filters and effects sends.
  • Individual control on a per note basis of sample start, loop position and loop length.
  • Individual per note trigger settings for BPM synced note repeats.
  • Chaos and order controls for instant parameter randomization.
  • Flutter control – modwheel hard wired to unique ‘flutter’ effect.
  • 20 custom reverb convolution impulses.
  • RTFM tab – so a user can’t lose the manual.
  • FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above is required.



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