Pablo Beats – Drum Kit Vol.2 (KONTAKT, DiRECT WAVE)

By | June 4, 2016



This kit comes with both Direct Wave and Kontakt Versions.

Featured in the Kit:

Both Direct Wave and Kontakt Versions of instruments
Over 2.2GB of Sounds/Instruments! 300+ Individual Samples!
Great change-up in the sounds. (No body likes the same sound over and over).
Most of these claps/snares can carry a beat by them self. No need for layering! (Although layering can always bring interesting results.
Huge bang for buck sound to money ratio!

The sample pack provides tons of versatility and almost all sounds are totally different from each other!

All that`s included:

Remember, most sounds are very different from each other. Unlike other kits where they give you variations of the sound with added reverb, delay etc.

56 Kicks
37 Claps
63 Snares
30 Percussion
30 Hats & Cymbals
42 SFX (Sound Effects)
24 Vox (Vocals)
43 One Hit Sounds (Great for chopping / blending in as one hits)


7 Mixer Presets, Created by Pablo Beats
10 Mixer Presets to use for certain DW/Kontakt Sounds (File is labeled according to the sound)
8 3xOsc Instrument Presets!



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