Sonic Academy – How To Make Progressive House

By | June 17, 2016


Sonic Academy proudly presents one of our most in depth courses to date. Welcome to ‘How To Make Progressive House 2015 with Echo Sound Works’.

Taking apart this stadium filling genre, ‘Echo Sound Works’ expertly guides you through every nuance and twist in what is the world’s most popular sound today.

Right from the first video where he crafts the chords, he goes into enormous detail on every aspect of this sound showing you how to achieve a world class production standard.

Contents :

Tutorial 01 – Introduction and Playthrough 04m 07s
Tutorial 02 – Writing the Melody 18m 35s
Tutorial 03 – Drop Chord Structure 28m 13s
Tutorial 04 – Programming the drop drums 19m 24s
Tutorial 05 – Adding bass to the drop 11m 58s
Tutorial 06 – Layering the drop leads 12m 01s
Tutorial 07 – Tweaking the drop 29m 53s
Tutorial 08 – Making the Breakdown 34m 13s
Tutorial 09 – Verse Melody and Chords 13m 46s
Tutorial 10 – Verse/Pre Chorus Drums 11m 36s
Tutorial 11 – Creating the build to the drop 39m 31s
Tutorial 12 – Adding transition effects 11m 36s
Tutorial 13 – Adding details to the drop 24m 37s
Tutorial 14 – 2nd Verse Arrangement 13m 23s
Tutorial 15 – Intro and Outro Mixing 37m 11s
Tutorial 16 – Final drop edits 06m 04s

NI Massive
Tutorial 17 – Sound Design – Massive Lead 27m 38s
NI Massive
Tutorial 18 – Sound Design – Future House Bass 09m 32s
Reveal Spire
Tutorial 19 – Sound Design – Spire Break Bass 09m 47s


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