DMG Audio – Limitless 1.02 VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | June 30, 2016

DMG Audio Limitless


Featuring full loudness metering and DMGAudio’s algorithms this is not your traditional dynamics processor. Limitless implements multi-band dual-stage processing that intelligently separates dynamics and transients, and generates the smoothest possible gain reduction curves.


  • Peak limiter to complete your mastering chain.
  • Iterative solver algorithm provides the gentlest, most transparent limiting.
  • Dual-stage dynamic handling separates transients and dynamics.
  • Minimalist user interface.
  • Bit-transparent linear phase crossover.
  • Inter-sample (True-) peak suppression.
  • High-pass filter for DC removal.
  • Simple and advanced modes: simple is click and bounce; advanced allows fine-grained control.
  • 64x oversampled pre-limiter clipper with multiple clip algorithms.
  • Noise-shaped dither with adjustable noise shaping intensity.
  • Full integrated EBU R-128 Loudness metering.
  • Extensive graphing and feedback.
  • Windows VST, VST3 and AAX as 32+64-bit, RTAS 32-bit.
  • Mac VST, VST3, AU and AAX as 32+64-bit, RTAS 32-bit.


  • 6 band variable-slope Linear Phase crossover.
  • Iterative numerical solver for optimally smooth gain reduction.
  • Dual-stage limiting to separate dynamics and transients.
  • Style menu provides quick access to useful limiting characters.
  • Variable stereo linkage.
  • Full gain staging on input, clipper, limiter threshold and output ceiling.
  • Master and per-band release controls.
  • Loudness weighting control – to optimise for bass or perceptual loudness without EQ.


  • Simple four-control interface.
  • Advanced section for precision control.
  • Spectrum analyser for crossover configuration.
  • Time-plot to highlight peaks and visualise the clipping process.
  • Loudness History with EBU R128 compliance.
  • Freely-resizable UI.
  • Mac Retina support.
  • 8 A/B banks.
  • Gain-lock to protect gain staging whilst auditioning presets.
  • Configurable zoomable PPM and GR meters.

Version History

Fix time-graph alignment
Fix AU validation for Logic X / El Capitan
Fix redraw crash
Added Azuolas presets
Fixed bug whereby saving a preset disabled left/right preset arrows
Pref for filled GR draw on time graph
Exporting of Loudness Data. (right-click history graph)
Lock-out gain link control when gains are locked
Updated manual
Fix handling of presets a/b load/save
Pref to ensure Ceiling doesn’t jump after gain-link is disengaged
Fixes for Sync mode on time graph

Massive OpenGL overhaul
Add pref (default ON) to optimise CPU at expense of latency
Disable OpenGL for RTAS
Fix denormal in loudness metering issue
Optimise hard knee clipping
Fix “save as default” button
Fix GUI reloading
Preserve Loudness data after a render (preference)
Fix AutoListen bug


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