8Dio – Didgeridoo (wav, Kontakt)

By | July 9, 2016


The library contains two Didgeridoos recorded in a variety of ways that allows the user to sculpt their own grooves.

The “Didge” is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument dating back over approx.1500-2000 years. The instrument is made from Eucalyptus blogs hollowed out by termites and is widely regarded as one of the oldest woodwind (aerophone) instruments in existence.

Tonehammer recorded two different Didges for maximum user flexibility. The first one was is an original Eucaplyptus log and the second one is modern version made from PVC pipes.
The library contains over 400MB of samples and programs contain modwheel controlled timestretching and sample offset options allowing users to get more flexibility out of the samples.

The Didges come at two different mic (close/medium) distances and a far mic for our dual-didge FX group. Didge 1 is close mic and Didge 2 is medium mic.

We hope you enjoy this instrument.


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