Straight Ahead Samples – Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums (KONTAKT)

By | July 13, 2016


Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums is Straight Ahead Samples’ flagship sample library. Featuring the first sampling of authentic and playable classic jazz loops and samples. Channeling the essence, sound, and the swing of great jazz drummers like Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Phillie Joe Jones, Billy Higgins, Roy Haynes, Jimmy Cobb and other legends, SA!JD features the amazingly swingin’ skills of young jazz phenom Billy Williams Jr. Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums gives you the tool you’ve been waiting for to create genuinely swingin’ jazz tracks.

One of the main features of SA!JD is that we conceived of a way to separately sample ride/hi-hat loops and authentic snare comping patterns to create truly playable variations in swing grooves. We’ve also included fills and other specialty loops, like kick-feathering, for example, to allow the composer to create truly genuine jazz drums tracks to use in his/her compositions. As well as a fully sampled set of drum hits, that includes such elements as rolls, triplets, snares on/off, side sticks, etc.

Other Features
– Mixer
– Double-time keyswitch.
– Purge sample groups for drums and feels. Only have loaded what you need.
Samples Included in Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums

– Right-hand ride patterns in multiple intensity levels including:
4/4 swing
3/4 swing
6/8 swing
2-feel hihats
4/4 swing hihats
straight-swing (Sidewinder groove)
open-feel straight 8ths (ECM)
– Left-hand comping including:
rimshots w/ toms
snare comping (multiple intensity levels)
snare/kick comping (multiple intensity levels)
latin patterns (samba, bossa, songo, bolero, etc)
– kick feathering (4-on-the-floor)
– multiple fills (downbeats and anticipations)
Samples (up to 7 velocity layers & 4 round-robins)
– Snare (Left and Right hands)
w/snares off (Left and Right hands)
long snares (mod wheel sensitive)
hit stick on snare
rolls (press roll and triplet {synced} roll)
– kick
– Hi Tom (Left and Right hands)
triplet (synced – for fills)
rolls (press and triplet)
– Lo Tom (Left and Right hands)
triplet (synced – for fills)
rolls (press and triplet)
– Hihat (Left and Right hands)
4 levels of openness


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