Bolder Sounds – Wind Chimes (NKI, WAV)

By | July 18, 2016


A beautifully sampled set of ethereal copper Wind Chimes. All 6 chimes are sampled in 3 articulations – with a rubber mallet, a wood “beater” and wood stick hits. Also included are Wind Chime atmospheric samples, some of which were processed with Granular Synthesis for an other-worldly quality. Programming includes velocity cross faded articulations, layered pads and flexible key mapping.

  • 55 MB of pristine stereo looped samples
  • 18 single chime samples
  • 3 articulations – rubber, wood and stick
  • 5 Atmospheric samples (3 treated with Granular processing)


  • Kontakt 2: 29 instrument files (.nki)
  • Apple Logic EXS 24: 24 instrument files (.exs)


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