0TH3Rside – Nord Rack Basses (KONTAKT)

By | July 24, 2016


These are delveloped from a set of SF2 files I had found floating in net land out there.
Ive completely re-edited, mapped and scripted all for Kontakt and trust me, you’ll find the presetz Ive built VERY USEFUL!!

Ive built two nki’s ( kon.2 & Kon 4.05 ) ; for each folder. so I think Ive been able to cover all needs for everyone, and whichever version of kontakt your using.

The Kontakt 2+ files are mapped exactly the same as the ver 4.05, (Except without so many ‘bells & whistles!). So, if you really wanna dig in for the BIG FUN, fire up Kontakt v4.05 or higher and see for yourself.

Ive included Enough ‘structure’ within the build, to enable it to somewhat be a virtual Nord Rack, with all the filters, uni’s, Porta and Legato, ASDR , Sequencer , ect ….. whew, to keep you bizzee for along time to come!!


( 128 meg / 280 Filez / 37 Folderz )
– 44 x 24bit wav samples.
– DROP DEAD Beautiful GUI’s w/ Multi tabbed pages of EFx !!
– 13 kon 2 & 13 kon 4 nki Presetz.
* Bass Arp
* Bass Pluck
* Bazz Linerz
* Bulk Bass
* Fat Moog Bass
* Fat Tekbass
* Fatboy Saw
* Phasing Bass
* Plastic Bass
* Pulse Bass
* SID bass
* Spliff Bass


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