Sample Craze – Fat Kicks (WAV)

By | July 29, 2016


Fat Kicks features 330 fierce kick drum samples ready and waiting to maul your mixes! Suitable for all genres including dance, hip hop and rnb. From the sound design drawing board of Samplecraze, these kicks have only one goal in mind: LOW END!

Fat Kicks features over 330 fat as hell top quality samples run through the one known as “the beast”, yes it’s the Fairchild 660 mono compressor.

The edge we guarantee is that very few mortals actually own this compressor and it is world famous for the colour it imparts onto the audio being treated.

With this is mind we can guarantee that there are few, if any, kick sounds that can match the low end of these kicks.

As usual, Samplecraze are backing up their guarantees by allowing you to download some FREE samples from the actual pack.

We hope you will enjoy these free samples and that you will realise that lifting samples is not always the answer.

Sometimes clean recordings that burst with low end, crystal clean mids, and a high end that resonates in your head are the only way to get that pro sound. Enjoy!



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