Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.06: Jazz Latin Collection. 24Bit. 2CD (WAV)

By | August 7, 2016


From traditional jazz to crossover pop and swing, the 2-CD Jazz/Latin Collection offers 1400 loops, Loop Layers™ and single hits in 31 Song Sets™. (An average of 44 loops per Song Set!) You’ll find grooves prevalent in smoke-filled jazz clubs to Big Band dance floors — with a touch of soul and R&B too. Featuring snare- brush- and stick-based Song Sets™, there’s everything from waltzes and two-beats to the latin bossa novas, rhumbas and samba’s that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. A vintage ‘60s Gretsch kit and special edition Noble & Cooley snare round out the authenticity of this release.

058 BPM (12_8 Brush Ballad)
058 BPM (12_8 Brush Walk)
068 BPM (Slow Brush Swing)
079 BPM (New Orleans Brushes)
085 BPM (6_8 Brushes Blues)
086 BPM (3_4 Slow Brush Waltz)
088 BPM (Straight 8th Brushes)
093 BPM (Mallet N Brush Bossa)
100 BPM (Kinda Rhumba Brushes)
109 BPM (Brush To Sticks Bossa)
112 BPM (Blues Brush Shuffle)
113 BPM (Brush 2 Beat N Shuffle)
120 BPM (3_4 Brush Waltz)
124 BPM (Straight Mallet N Brushes)
160 BPM (Swingin Brushes)
190 BPM (Fast Brush Swing)
214 BPM (Stompin Brush Swing)
Brushes Cont:
Brush Single Hits:
H Tom
Hi Hat
L Tom
050 BPM (Brushes Stirin Soup)
Sticks Single Hits
096 BPM (Slow Swing)
116 BPM (Cool Swing)
120 BPM (3_4 Jazz Waltz)
120 BPM (Sticks Bossa)
135 BPM (Swing Brushes to Sticks)
145 BPM (East Coast Bounce)
160 BPM (5_4 Classic Swing)
164 BPM (3_4 Brush to Sticks)
175 BPM (Brazilian Bossa)
175 BPM (Walkin)
200 BPM (Swingin Cat)
220 BPM (Krupa-Esque)
222 BPM (Kinda Samba)

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