Chocolate Audio – BBassV Electric Bass (KONTAKT)

By | September 6, 2016



The BBassV Electric Bass comes after several years of R&D at our headquarters and we think it sets a new benchmark in terms of playability and sound.

This virtual instrument is derived from a Yamaha BB415 5-string electric bass, one of the few “non-classics” instruments which we find has tons of character.


  • 964 MB (lossless compressed) library size, 6517 samples
  • Samples are looped after roughly 6 seconds to save on RAM
  • 4 sustaining dynamic layers, chromatically sampled
  • 4 round robins for each note/dynamic
  • all 5 Strings sampled in their length
  • 8 release trails layers for each note/string
  • FingeredFingered Mute and Harmonics main articulations
  • sampled with a Millennia DI preamps fed direct into Apogee converters
  • ease of use thanks to our custom advanced scripting
  • recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • easy-to-use effects section for extreme sound-mangling

Kontakt engine features

  • custom User Interface
  • velocity curve management
  • intelligent auto-fretting algorithms developed in-house, emulate different bass players’ way of playing
  • manual fretting for advanced users
  • advanced legato and slide-to technology allows for slides of any duration and interval, controllable with your playing
  • custom vibrato, modeled after real bassists’ vibratos
  • effects section specially tuned for bass instruments
  • no need to learn tons fo key-switches thanks to well-tought-out user interface design choices
  • 172 custom cabinet + mic combinations IRs for maximum tonal realism
  • 26 factory presets
  • works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC


  • 2 GB Ram (more if in need of loading more sample sets)
  • Core2Duo or equivalent Mac or PC
  • Kontakt Retail Version: v. 5.4.3 or newer
  • MIDI Keyboard


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