Bitwig – Studio 1.3.6 [x86 WIN.OSX.LNX]

By | September 8, 2016


Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, performance and DJing, with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.

Features :

  • Multitrack recording: Record and produce your music in a super-fast, intuitive workflow. Bitwig Studio’s arranger is a perfect mix of editing power, ease of use and flexibility.
  • Arranger clip launcher: A non-linear environment that lets you trigger clips in real-time. Perfect for sketching your songs more spontaneously.
  • Mixer clip launcher: An alternative view of the clip launcher aligned with the mixer, optimized for live performance and DJing.
  • Generic tracks: Tracks accept any kind of material. Audio and notes can live on the same track. You can bounce note clips to audio in place.
  • Clip automation: In addition to traditional track automation, automation can also be recorded and packaged inside clips, both on the clip launcher and the arranger.
  • Per-note automation: Pitch variations can be applied to individual notes directly in the piano roll. You can also edit a note’s panning, timbre and volume curves.
  • Simultaneous multitrack editing: Edit contents of multiple tracks together. You can see them all juxtaposed and isolate only the ones you want to edit.
  • Multiple audio events per clip: An audio clip can contain multiple audio events. You can chop and edit audio files inside a clip non-destructively and loop it all as a package.
  • Real-time time stretching: Bitwig Studio’s proprietary technology lets you match any audio material to the document tempo and get everything in sync.
  • World-class sound devices: Let’s put it this way: You’re gonna love these instruments and effects. Get great sounds in a matter of seconds.
  • Device nesting: Devices can contain other devices, and the whole package can be saved as a preset. Many of our instruments and effects use nesting in new and powerful ways.
  • 32/64-bit VST support: Use your beloved VST plug-ins. In case of a plug-in crash, a protective mechanism prevents the application from crashing and you from losing your work.
  • Metadata-based browser: Find your musical material quickly. Add tags and search by content type.
  • Open multiple documents: Exchange musical material between documents. Drag and drop, copy and paste back and forth.
  • Multi-monitor support: Bitwig Studio offers flexible screensets to take full advantage of your monitor configuration.
  • Slick user interface: Bitwig Studio’s user interface has been meticulously crafted to make your music creation experience fun and intuitive.

Important note for Windows users:
Windows might show a warning during installation about the installer not being trusted software. This is only a temporary issue and should disappear soon. In case you see such a message, you can still install the software by clicking “install anyway” (or something similar).

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.6
Released on 15.01.2016.
  • NEW     Added Post Recording Actions to clip launcher which are activated after a specified duration has been recorded. This can be used to record clips of a predetermined fixed length as well as to record multiple takes automatically to multiple clips.
  • IMPROVED     Added support for track and instrument name metadata to MIDI file import.
  • IMPROVED     Much lower memory usage and better overall application performance on OSX.
  • FIXED     Crash when changing drum machine preset for another preset using the popup browser and having previously selected a pad that does not have a chain in the preset selected.
  • FIXED     Phase is inverted when recording audio from an external source using ASIO at 24-bit.
  • FIXED     Muted clips are not visually distinguishable from unmuted clips in clip launcher.
  • FIXED     Moving notes by a tiny amount using the inspector creates lots of duplicates.
  • FIXED     Creating a clip in the clip launcher using different time signature than 4/4 still creates a clip with 4 quarters duration
  • FIXED     When importing MIDI files the clip length should be calculated from the content instead of from MIDI metadata.
  • FIXED     When opening timeline context menu only update time selection when clicking outside of selected time range, otherwise delete command will not work correctly for automation.
  • FIXED     Rare crash when deleting a track or moving it out of it’s group.
  • FIXED     On Linux the window shifts down by the size of the title bar each time the application is started.
  • FIXED     Exporting MIDI file should ignore muted notes.
  • FIXED     When saving a new clip the BPM is set to 110 and not the project’s current tempo.
  • FIXED     Zoom to fit leaves too much space in timeline editors.
  • FIXED     Clip launcher note editor sometimes jumps to time before content start when stopping playback with playback follow enabled.
  • FIXED     Dragging a track from one project to another that referered to a sample that was collected and saved on a different machine in the source project would not find the samples when dropped in the destination project.
  • FIXED     Effect track is called audio track in context menu.
  • FIXED     Moving multiple continuous clips with “automation follows clips” activated creates unneccessary automation dots at the boundries of the clips.
  • FIXED     When clicking on header area of a drum note lane that does not contain notes, it should also reset the time selection to avoid accidental deletion with standby time selection.
  • FIXED     Undo history breaks if you move an automation point and hit the right mouse key while doing so.
  • FIXED     Instrument notes are not truncated at the clip boundry when consolidating.
  • FIXED     Pasting text from the clipboard on OSX does not work.
  • FIXED     Free running automation is not shown correctly in content preview section of launcher clips.
  • FIXED     Importing corrupt midi files that have track names that contain the null character results in a project that cannot be opened once saved.
  • FIXED     When there is a long list of items that needs to be scrolled in a menu it is not possible to select menu items using touch that are not visible.
  • FIXED     Changing track color while detail editor being open does not repaint notes.
  • FIXED     Macro section displays “Default Preset” after loading a saved VST preset via the popup browser into an existing VST plugin.
  • FIXED     Projects with editors set to triplets don’t show correct value in grid subdivision fields.
  • FIXED     Some devices get clipped along the bottom edge when scaling is not 100%.
  • FIXED     Notes in drum MIDI files that have zero length should be interpreted as 16th when importing into Bitwig Studio.
  • FIXED     Playhead starts in wrong position and not from the blue play marker after bounce.
  • FIXED     Controller API: Crash when creating named device cursors from onMidi callback.
  • FIXED     Regression: pasting text does not work on OSX.
  • FIXED     Not possible to move the loop start for a clip beyond bar 250 using inspector but dragging loop region allows this.
  • FIXED     Controller API: crash when using device layer bank.
  • FIXED     Crash if bouncing a track region in place and before the bounce has completed deleting the track.
  • FIXED     OSX engine crash when scanning certain audio devices.
  • FIXED     Sometimes engine crashes on OSX when connecting to document.


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