Synth Magic – Siel Orchestra 2 (KONTAKT)

By | September 29, 2016
The Siel Orchestra 2 is made up of four sections : Brass, Piano, Reeds and Strings. The original Siel Orchestra was bought by ARP and relabeled the Quartet. Presented here for use with Kontakt is the Orchestra 2 with lots of extra features added.
We sampled this synth twice: one set of samples are totally clean and recorded through high quality preamps and the 2nd set was recorded to tape, and then sampled. Both sample sets are loaded together at the same time and can be selected by clicking the TAPE button.
Containing 1.5GB of samples in wav format, compressed to half a GB using NI’s lossless compression, and streamed directly from disk for small memory footprint and quick loading times.
The Orchestra 2 is becoming quite a sought after analogue synthesizer thanks to its beautiful string sounds which have been used by 808 State, Massive Attack and Portishead among others. When mixing the 4 sections together it is possible to creat some very striking analogue sounds and textures – we find the strings sounds also work well when mixed with real orchestral string parts.
If you like sounds like Vangelis Soil Festivities, Bernard Fevre (Pendulum etc), ambient, experimental music, then you will enjoy Orchestra 2 for its rich and smooth analogue vibe.
SIEL Orchestra 2 comes with lots of presets, an added extra effects section and each section has individual EQ, LFO and Animator sections which allow for some beautiful sounds to be created and played.
SIEL Orchestra 2
Classic recreation based on the SIEL Orchestra 2 analogue synthesizer
1.5GB of high quality sample content
Sampled twice through high quality pre-amps & again through tape
Raw Osc Synth & multi FX plus original Explorer presets
Loads of great presets
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