Sound Ideas – Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 1-5 (WAV)

By | November 15, 2016


Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 1-5 represents the first time that Sony Pictures Entertainment has opened its vaults to make some of its massive archive of audio material available to producers everywhere. This collection, now on a DVD, is packed with 1,200 royalty free sound effects: from roller coasters, room tones and rocket launchers, to biplanes, Bengal tigers, and bar room brawls. This release includes a wide range of essential sound effects categories, distributed generously across five volumes of exciting, exclusive material. Select, layer and transform even the most elemental effects into expertly crafted sound design creations to compliment all your projects with Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 1-5.


  • 1,200 royalty free sound effects
  • 16 / 44.1 WAV files
  • Available on a DVD
  • Created by Sony Pictures

Essential Sound Effects:

  • Animal Sounds and Natural Elements
  • Backgrounds and Ambiences
  • Home and Office Sounds
  • Impacts, Weapons and Explosions
  • Vintage Comedy Sounds
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Vocals and Wallas
  • Vehicles

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