Acustica Audio Nebula3 Programm Libraries Collection (Nebula 3)

By | December 4, 2016


Additional effects Acustica Audio Nebula3, first sampler effects. It is based on modeling techniques using vector Volterra sets. You can sample the “iron” and then played back on a PC most of the hardware, such as:
1. Compressors
2. Equalizers
3. Filters
4. Recording on a tape
5. preamps
6. Gitarnyei bass amps
7. Microphones
8. Reverb
9. Various temporary processors: chorus, flanger, phasers …

System requirements: Nebula 3 Pro

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Developer: AlexB Audio Engineering, ANALOG IN THE BOX, CDSoundMaster Pro, Cupwise, Gemini Audio, Henry Olonga, Signaltonoize, OwnHammer, Tim Peterick, VNXT SOUND

Size : 64.04 GB


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