Soniccouture – EP73 Deconstructed (KONTAKT)

By | December 30, 2016

The insides of a vintage Stage 73 electric piano are a fascinating place. The classic keyboard sound is just the begining – the large electromagnetic harp holds entirely new sonic worlds – if you’re prepared to look for them.
Taking our cue from Broken Wurli and our Xtended Piano instruments, we first sampled the keyboard in unprecedented detail, taking not only line-out samples but also close-miked hammers and a contact mic signal from each tine.
Then we went even deeper. We opened the EP lid up some more, exposed the harp and started to explore…

– 5 unique Kontakt instruments
– 120 sound design presets
– Kontakt Player Compatible


– 15 GB sample library – 8GB on disc with Kontakt NCW compression
– 24 Bit 44.1khz mono sampling
– 13,700 samples
– 5 individual Kontakt instruments – Keyboard, Bowed, Mallets, Plucked & SFX
– Up to 12 velocity layers, 3 round robin layers
– Key-off & pedal release with level control
– Sympathetic cabinet resonance convoltuion processor
– 5 individual Kontakt instruments – Keyboard, Bowed, Mallets, Plucked & SFX
– 120 Presets – electric piano and sound design categories
– Demo MIDI files included
– Soniccouture KSP modules : Strummer, FOCUS, Glissando
– User editable velocity response curve
– Custom effects panel with Soniccouture impulse repsonse reverb library
– Compatible with free Kontakt Player – VST AU RTAS

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