K-Sounds – Piano 2 (KONTAKT, Motif XS)

By | March 3, 2017

Piano 2 for the Motif XS features beautiful stereo samples of a Kawai EX concert grand. For this new version, every sample has been reworked to sound better than ever! Twenty-three voices provide everything from warm, natural pianos to mix-friendly grands to edgy, processed tones that can compete with enthusiastic guitarists or complete your next dance hit. Most solo pianos also include sympathetic resonance emulation as well as K-Sounds’ exclusive release emulation.

Pianos are also featured in all standard layered combinations: pads, strings, orchestra, Rhodes and FM electric pianos, B3 organ (with four selectable drawbar settings), and a bass split that allows seamless switching between acoustic and electric basses. The Motif XS’ Assignable Function buttons are used extensively to make these voices as musical and flexible as possible.


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