Parallax-Audio – Virtual Sound Stage Pro 2.0 (VST, AAX) [Win x86, x64]

By | March 11, 2017

The original VirtualSoundStage from Parallax is an algorithmic reverb effect that displays a bird’s eye view of a typical concert hall.
Positioning the cursor in this virtual room produces a reverberation reaction corresponding to the placement of the sound source in this position in the stereopanoram.

There were also options for adjusting sound absorption, adding precedence, changing the reflection ratio, and some filter elements for more experienced users. But what we really wanted in VSS was the ability to send several tracks to one instance of the plugin and put several virtual cursors together. And also would not refuse from more accessible premises.

Version 2 finally opens the possibility of connecting several instruments, which allows you to route more individual tracks and arrange them sequentially in one window. Unfortunately, you still need one instance of VSS2 per track to set up this routing.

New premises (available only in the Pro version) include an additional concert hall, two orchestral stages, a recording studio, an opera stage, a hall (for sounding “chamber music”), a church and a cathedral. You can even use the Free Field option in VSS2 as a direct replacement for panning in your workstation.
And that is not all. Currently, a considerable number of installations for virtual microphones are available, emulating traditional scenic subsonic schemes, including the development of Decca Tree.

Individual microphones in each setup can also be moved around the scene as you see fit.

VSS2 also comes with a lot of presets that can be easily used with some of the best orchestral ROMplers available on the market (Vienna Instruments, East West, Project SAM, etc.).
Version : 2.0
Developer : parallax-audio
Format : VST, AAX
Digit : 32bit, 64bit
System requirements : RAM: 4GB minimum, 8GB or more recommended
Processor : 1.5 GHz Dual core minimum, 2.0 GHz recommended Dual core or better
Hard disk : 100 MB of free space


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