Steinberg – QuadraFuzz 1.01 (VST.DX) [Win]

By | March 13, 2017

The QuadraFuzz plug-in is designed to get the Fuzz effect, which is based on all the same distortion of the signal due to the limitation of its amplitude. In this way, the spectrum of the original signal is enriched. The QuadraFuzz plug-in differs from the simplest Fuzz effect in that it processes the signal spectrum separately with four filters. The level of the signal sent to each filter is set by the Low, Low Mid, High Mid, High. The preset bank is selected from the drop-down list, and the specific preset is selected using the Presets slider.
Version : 1.01
Platform : PC
Compatibility with Vista : yes
System requirements : Processor: P3-500 MHz
RAM: 256Mb RAM.
Interface language : English only


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