Sentient FX – Monolith v0.93 (VST) [Win x86]

By | March 18, 2017

Our guitar synthesisers do not use MIDI to achieve their tones. We feel that the MIDI protocol is too crude to deliver the full range of guitar players’ nuances, rendering performances sterile and lacklustre. Pitch information is derived directly using “Literal Nuance Interpretation” which values “feel” above all else.

Somebody once said of conventional MIDI guitars, “it feels like the guitar is playing you, not you playing the guitar”. We aim to put you back in control..

You can use palm muting, harmonics, ebows, sustainiacs and whammy bars with this technology. We believe you don’t have to close old doors to open new ones.

Sentient guitar synthesisers take guitarists into new sonic territories by virtue of their low-latency, expressive architecture. A number of future synths are planned including FM, sampler based and physical modelling. Supporting our products increases the chances of future innovative synths and effects reaching the public.


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