Native Instruments – Abbey Road: 80s Drummer (KONTAKT)

By | April 11, 2017

Abbey Road | 80s DRUMMER extended version of the original Abbey Road | 80s DRUMS, an update for the integration of developments in KONTAKT 5. All new Abbey Road DRUMMER tools include advanced features in the Mixer and Groove section

Two vintage drum sets were selected to record the Abbey Road 80s drum project:

  • The drum kit recorded in the Studio Three is the Yamaha 9000 mid-80s with component sizes of 12 “, 13”, 14 “, 18” and 24. “Alternative drum, snare and volume samples were taken from all the mirror rooms of the Studio Three.
  • A drum kit recorded in Studio Two – Slingerland Magnum with concert volumes with component sizes of 13 “, 14”, 15 “, 16” and 24 “.

Vintage snare instruments used in this project:

  • Ludwig Hammered Brass 14 x 6.5, circa 1982
  • Gretsch Maple 14 x 6.5, circa 1981
  • Ludwig Classic Deep Rock Wood Snare 14 x 10, circa 1989
  • Slingerland 2 to1 Chrome 14 x 5.5, about 1979
  • Pearl Maple Free Floating System 14 x 5, circa 1987

Both settings include additional samples of a special snare drum. On top of the small drum, an additional inverted plastic was placed, which greatly attenuated the sound without changing the timbre (the “Skin On Skin” technique). The result is similar to the sound of drum machines 808.

The recording used a kind of volume – tools Octobans from the company Tama. To record the project Abbey Road 80s Drums sampled both low and high Octobans

Website :
Format : nki
Quality : 24 bits, 44100 kHz


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