2C Audio Kaliedoscope v1.0.2 + Resource Library (Vst) [Win]

By | May 18, 2017

Kaleidoscope is the ultimate sound-design tool and creative effects toy! It is an entirely new class of visual audio effects processors and is one of the most unique generative signal processing tools to come to market in recent history. Technically speaking, Kaleidoscope is a massively parallel bank of physically modeled resonators that can be tuned completely arbitrarily with scientific precision and dynamically modulated over time by over two million points of automation. In simplistic terms, Kaleidoscope uses pictures to control sound!

Kaleidoscope is a tool for intrepid sonic explorers who seek to help tell humanity’s biggest narratives. It is designed with one goal in mind: to inspire and invigorate composers, sound-designers, and artists to push the boundaries of what is possible in cutting edge sound-design. Many products claim to offer never-before heard sounds. Kaleidoscope actually delivers them – in unfathomable abundance and ultimate fidelity. If you work in any of the following areas you owe it to yourself to check out Kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscope is both an effects processor as well as a content generator, meaning that it is possible to synthesize completely new sounds without any input sound or MIDI performance data as well as to transform incoming audio signals in other-worldly manners.

Music is organized sound. The organization occurs in two axes: time and frequency. Kaleidoscope is a tool that offers ultimate control over musical organization in both of these domains. In music we call organization in time rhythm, and we call organization in frequency tonality. Tonality includes things such as tuning systems, musical scales, and harmony. Rhythm includes things such as tempo, meter, syncopation and groove. Kaleidoscope seeks to vastly expand our understanding of these definitions, rewrite music theory for the information age, and explore the areas in which time and frequency converge — that is to say where tonality becomes rhythm and where rhythm becomes tonality. Additionally, Kaleidoscope offers unique control over the dynamic spatialization of the sound at each point in time a frequency and thus adds a third axis of creative control to the musical organization of sound: spatial choreography.

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R2R has decided to release some of their earlier INTERNALS releases to the public today




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