Origin Sound – Studio Cymbal Sessions (WAV)

By | October 25, 2017


Studio Cymbal Sessions focuses directly on high-quality studio recordings to add clarity to your mixes and this package ensures that you will never lag behind the vertices in your sample library.
Each sample was recorded at a sampling rate of 96 kbps to preserve the character and squeeze the maximum out of each plate. Using a full range of plates with different sticks, brushes, brushes and hammers, we really did everything to ensure that you can add subtler nuances to your rhythm section.

• Over 642 High Fidelity Cymbal Hits
• 209 x (AAX 14Inch) Hi-Hats: (53 x Flourishes, 156 x Single Hits)
• 098 x (AAX 17Inch) Explosion Crash: (50 x Chokes, 25 x Flourishes, 23 x Single Hits)
• 117 x (AAX 18Inch) Fast Crash: (48 x Chokes, 22 x Flourishes, 47 x Single Hits)
• 055 x (Oriental 11Inch) Splash: (10 x Flourishes, 45 x Single Hits)
• 050 x (Sabien 21Inch) Raw Bell Dry Ride: (15 x Extras, 10 x Flourishes, 25 x Single Hits)
• 113 x (Zildjian 16Inch) Oriental China Trash: (55 x Chokes, 28 x Flourishes, 30 x Single Hits)
• 004 x (Bonus): Demo Track Top Loops
• 646 x Individual WAVs Files In Total
• This Includes 2x AAX Crashes, 1x Raw Bell Dry Ride, 1x AAX Hi-Hat, 1x Oriental Splash, 1x Oriental China
• A Combination Of Single Hits, Flourishes And Chokes
• All Hits Used With Sticks, Brushes, Mallets, Rods
• Compatible With All DAWs
Publisher : Origin Sound
Website : Origin Sound
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

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