Lucid Samples – Complete Hands Up Vol.2 (MIDI, WAV, FLP)

By | October 26, 2017

This is a series of samples for creating music in the style of Hands Up. After the success of volume 1, it’s time to present you a set of 8 complex sets filled with energetic melodies, synthesizers and sounds characteristic of the genre. Each of the eight tracks is divided into several layers, containing leading synths, supporting synthesizers (overlays), basses, pads, percussion and other instruments, including pianos, chimes, violins and guitars.

A rich selection of samples allows you to combine several tracks and create complete and unique melodies. Each track in each version is presented in MIDI format, so you can change any part you want, or apply to them various audio presets. A set of more than 50 additional sound effects will help in creating breaks and transitions, and also add some sharpness to each part of the composition.

Sections : Each set has its own 3 sample sections, which correspond to three characteristic parts: “Slow Melody”, “Break Melody” and “Main Melody”. Each of them contains samples that are specific to a particular part.

Section “Slow Melody” – gives a slowdown between the vigorous parts of the composition, and is also ideal for insertion. This creates a calm and emotional atmosphere in the track. This section consists of piano tracks, synthesizers, bells, pads, bass pads, choruses, strings and other instruments.

The section “Break Melody” is an ideal link between the sections “Slow Melody” and “” Main Melody “”. He breaks each track from a slow and emotional atmosphere to an energetic chorus. In the tracks of this section we used synthesizer sounds, dedicated to the genre of Hands Up, with deep and swinging basses, synthesizers, auxiliary synthesizers (overlays), pads, as well as bass drums and whitewashes.

The “Main Melody” section is the culmination of each of the 10 arrangements (chorus). Here sounds are used, as in the “Break Melody” section, but already in a full melodic line (not broken). In addition, the drums are also divided into such tracks as: bass drum, snares / claps, hats, loops + percussion, mixed in one track.

Multitrack Midi Samples : Each of the eight arrangements is recorded in 4 multitrack midi files: Slow Melody, Break Melody, Main Melody and Full Track. The MIDI format of all tracks allows you to significantly change each of them, as well as use other audio presets, favorite virtual and hardware synthesizers.

Complete Hands Up Vol. 2 – a comprehensive and versatile sample package, ready to create full Hands Up melodies with vibrations that are characteristic of this musical genre and being the proper successor of the previous part.


Publisher : Lucid Samples
Website : Lucid Samples
Format : MIDI, WAV, FLP
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


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