Impact Soundworks – Momentum (KONTAKT)

By | November 5, 2017


An ideal collection of rhythms for film, television and game composers: a treasure chest with 2500+ truly unique, organic percussion single / multi-sampled patches.
We are always looking for rhythmic elements to add to our music. Whether it’s an EDM track, an epic trailer or stress stress, these elements can set the tone for the mood and feel of a drama or action. This is the impulse and driving force that immediately grabs the listener.

Momentum offers a stunning collection of original acoustic percussion sounds. Everything was created and written very organically. Unlike the innumerable other speech libraries, ours contains not only synthetic elements, processed with the same set of tools as all the others.

We recorded such sounds as bass drums, rare percussion, guitars with ascending legato, cello pops, glasses, found metal objects, giant boxes, tiny blocks and other unique sounds. In total, we recorded over 2500 sounds and hundreds of multisamples, then marked and classified each sound to make them as easily accessible as possible.

These sounds come from a lot of talented musicians and sound engineers, each of which offers its own excellent solutions for these complex and amazing percussions.
With the help of Momentum, the search and editing of the ideal element of organic rhythm has become easier than ever before. We know that it will inspire your music!



Publisher : Impact Soundworks
Website : Impact Soundworks
Format : KONTAKT 5.5.2+


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