Freshly Squeezed Samples – Max Braiman Trance Essentials (WAV, MIDI, FXB, NMSV, FLP)

By | March 16, 2018

Produced in collaboration with the production of the Max Braiman guru, we are proud to introduce the Max Braiman Trans Essentials. Containing more than 8GB of one-shots samples, loops, MIDI files, FL Studio project files and packed with genuine inspiration, this sample package is a must for any uplifting, progressive or pro-lifting trance producer. With this product, we wanted to capture “signature” Max Braiman sound and well more than a year of hard work went into making possible this product. We firmly believe Max went higher and further in terms of quality and usability and really brought the fullness of his sound palette to a much wider audience. Example of the ContentFirst package off we have a complete and comprehensive sample package containing thousands of drum-one shots (kicks, open helmets , closed helmets, small drums, percussion, etc.), hundreds of percussion top loops, a very extensive FX section (all neatly classified, named and labeled), an actual ‘useful’ melodic and bass loop line (to zhdaya of which is equipped with a MIDI- related files, FL Studio project files and in most cases presets), hundreds of synth bass and stab one shot synth presets and sample a lot more.

Drum One Shots
All drum one shot samples are engineered to pristine quality dance music genres.
Drum Hits
200x Claps
200x Closed Hats
100x Crash
125x Key Labelled Hard Kicks
200x Open Hi-Hats
50x Perc Loops
200x Percussion Hits
65x Key Labelled Progressive Kicks
50x Rides
20x Shakers
100x Snares
35x Toms
150x Trance Kicks
200x Vocaded Trance Kicks
Percussion Top Loops
The percussion top loop section is hugely expansive, with the individual loops split equally across 132, 134, 136, 138, and 140 BPM tempo ranges making them suitable for all sub genres of trance (and dance music in general). Each folder contains a unique loops for that specific BPM.
250x Fully Unique Percussion Top Loops
25x Crash FX
50X 4-Bar Down Lifters
50x 8-Bar Down Lifters
100x FX Hits
100x Percussive FX
100x Short Reverse
50x 4-Bar Uplifters
50x 8-Bar Uplifters
50x FX Kicks
50x Reverb Kicks
Synth Loops, One Shots & Stabs
Want to get a tighter bass drop at your climax? Use bass one shots in your sampler for tighter envelope control and more punch in your mix. All the one shots are engineered to perfection and instantly usable straight out of the box. All one shots samples also have the key in the filename.
100x Key Labelled Synth Stabs
100x Acid Hits
100x Atmospheres
100x Bass Shots
Vocal Samples
Vocal beats and loops can be the secret ingredient needed to spice up an incomplete breakdown, not to mention adding drive to your build ups and climaxes. Used correctly vocal loops can turn a track from an average to epic. All vocals were recorded by upcoming, talented vocalist Victoria Braiman.
50x Key Labelled Vocal Blurs
100x Vocal Hits
Bass Loops
Max has been behind some of the most uplifting and driving bass lines in trance, and this section of the sample pack is truly showcases his ability to sculpt and compose bass sequences that truly rock your low, mid and top end. Every bassline loop is keyed, with all MIDI files included for each loop (including the individual layers).
The bass loops are broken down into two main folders – Sub Bass Loops and Top Bass Loops. Each folder contains 4 individual subfolders spanning 134, 136, 138 and 140 BPM.
17x Bassline Kits (Including MIDI Files, FL Studio Project Files and Bounced Stems)
100x Sub Bassline Loops (Loops, MIDI Files and FL Studio Project Files)
100x Top Bassline Loops (Loops, MIDI Files and FL Studio Project Files)
Synth Loops
Stuck for inspiration? Dig into Max’s synth loops to instantly get your creative juices flowing. The synth loops are split across 132, 134, 136 and 138 BPM tempo ranges with each ‘loop’ written specifically for the given range. A large majority of these melodies are fundamentally “Song starters” with some truly creative melody writing showcased in each one.
All synth loops come with the corresponding MIDI files so you can quickly chop and change to fit your own tracks.
100x Synth Loops (132, 134, 136 and 138 BPM) (Loops, MIDI files and FL Studio project files)
Construction Kits
Secondly we have 10 complete, truly usable construction kits each containing the individual stems, FL Studio project file and associated MIDI files for each melodic element. Each construction kit has its own distinct mood, but thanks to the intuitive file, you can quickly and easily swap out loops, samples and MIDIs and try out thousands of potential combinations.
Each construction kit is key and BPM is for ease of use.
Max Braiman Sound Banks
The third part of the sample is the Max Braiman sound banks. One bank of 137 NI Massive Presets, 64 Sylenth1 presets and 64 Spire Presets (one of Max’s favorite synths!).
These are patches exported directly from the work on the sample pack and his own existing projects, so you are getting the genuine “bread and butter”.
Artistic Influences
While producing this sample library.
Daniel Kandi, Suncatcher, Above & Beyond, Ilan Bluestone and many others.
Sample Library Properties
100% Royalty Free.
3600+ named samples, sorted into well-defined categories.
10 complete construction kits – including all loops, FL Studio Project files and MIDI files.
265 combined synthesiser presets included for Massive, Sylenth1 and Spire.
All samples are rooted, volume normalized and labelled.
MIDI files are included for all construction kit elements, bass lines, leads and pad loops.
Technically 3 products in one – comprehensive sample library, construction kit pack & sound banks.
In short, the way a sample library should be!
Product Compatibility
This product includes a combination of WAV files, MIDI files, construction kits (combined WAV + MIDI files), FL Studio 12 Project Files and synthesizer presets (sound banks). All the files are compatible with Image-Line Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase and any digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports WAV and MIDI files.
To use the included soundbanks require Sylenth1 2.221, Spire 1.1.3 and Native Instruments 1.3.0.
The included project files required. FL Studio 12 to function. Required plugins include FabFilter Pro-Q, Pro-C and TP-Basslane.
Technical Specification
Availability: Instant Download
Format (s): WAV, MID, FXB, NMSV, FLP
Type: Sample Library
Size (Compressed): 8GB
Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
Product Series: Artist Series
With this, you’ve got yourself the ultimate package of high quality, highly popular and fully club oriented samples!

Additional Information:
Max Braiman, we are proud to present Max Braiman Trance Essentials.
Containing well over 8GB of one shots, loops, MIDI files, FL Studio project files and packed with genuine inspiration, this sample pack is a must-have for any uplifting, progressive or prog-lifting trance producer.
With this product we wanted to capture the “signature” Max Braiman. We strongly feel that Max went above and beyond in terms of quality and usability.
Sample Pack Content
First off we have a complete and comprehensive sample pack containing thousands of drum one shots (kicks, open hats, closed hats, snares, cymbals, percussion, etc.), hundreds of percussion top loops, a highly comprehensive FX section (all neatly categorized , named and labeled, actual ‘usable’ melodic and bass line loops (each provided with associated MIDI files, FL Studio Project Files and in most cases presets), hundreds of synths, bass and stab one shots, synth presets and much more.
Every sample is clearly named and numbered with the appropriate BPM and key. Along with this, all files are carefully categorized into a well thought out folder in the freshly squeezed Samples style, so it’s both quick and easy to find the sound you are looking for in those late night studio sessions.
Here is a detailed breakdown of the sample pack contents.

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