Orange Tree Samples – Evolution Strawberry v1.1.61 (KONTAKT)

By | December 14, 2018


Publisher : Orange Tree Samples
Website : Orange Tree Samples
Format : KONTAKT 5.5.0 +
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : Electric Guitar

It is a soundtrack for the mid-level music player. It’s not like the conventional high-end guitar. For the keyboard, it’s possible that you’ll like it. For example, chord inversions are instantly determined. Strummed guitar chord options, whether it is power chords, triads, augmented chords, diminished chords, suspended fourths, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, “Hendrix chords” – it’s all possible.

He also uses sophisticated scripting and hassle-free music. It is a performance for life. This is a proprietary string resonance engine. If you want to make it, it’s possible to make it easier your personal preference.
Evolution covers rhythm and lead guitar playing – which includes chord strumming functionality. This is a real-world chord detection system, including an intelligent chord detection engine, which is a chord detection system. This is a popular studio technique. Want to detune or capo the guitar? This is an easy way to make music. It has been shown that it has been the most important thing to do. It is possible to choose the right way.

– 1.6 GB of compressed NCW samples (uncompresses to over 3 GB), covering articulations such as palm muting, squeals, tapping, strumming, and much more.
– 4x alternating samples for realistic repeating notes.
– Built-in effects with virtual stompboxes and amp / cab modeling.
– Individually sampled strings, powered by a performance modeled string / fret selection engine.
– Strum keys as well as complete strumming patterns.
– Bridge, bridge + neck, and neck pickup positions.
– Instant double, triple, and quadruple tracking.
– Legato articulations, including slides.
– Alternate tunings and guitar capo.
Change list:
– Separate spring reverb effect module which features 11 spring reverb tanks to select from. New line of guitar cabinets, including modern and classic guitar cabs.
– Added chord mode selection keys for on-the-fly chord mode switching.
– New “Velocity to strum speed”, “velocity to strum distance”, and “strum velocity decay” settings for downstroke / upstroke strum keys.
– Adjustable legato volume.
– “Sixteenth Note Slide” articulation added.
– Improved automatic chord algorithm.
– Improved dynamic memory efficiency.
Known issues:
– Strumming pattern sync issues when holding a pattern for multiple bars. In case of a pattern for the automatic patterning
We need to make it quicker to find out.
It was not a problem to make a difference.
Here’s the plan moving forward. There’s been a lot of effort.
For each Evolution series.
– Strumming pattern playback / editing and chord system improvements.
– Settings organized, possibly into multiple sections – for example, one section dedicated to the keyboard keys

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