Cinematique Instruments – Ensemblia 2 Percussive (KONTAKT)

By | December 31, 2018


Publisher : Cinematique Instruments
Website : Cinematique Instruments
Format : KONTAKT 5+
Quality : 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : The ENSEMBLIA series is the sound of a modern chamber orchestra that allows you to easily write organic and truly natural music. A selection of classic instruments along with an excellent mix of unique sounds, such as electronic, ordinary or popular sounds, ready for your music.
Ensemblia was built so that it is easy to create beautiful polyphonic music and rhythmic compositions. We did not write down the phrases – a powerful arranger will do it. At the same time, Ensemblia can layer up to 7 instruments and gives you quick access to a wide range of timbres and tonal colors.
Ensemblia 2 also contains the exclusive and unique Ens2 Percussion Kitchen – XPKI expansion pack containing the sounds of metallic kitchen items.

Instruments – The library contains extraordinary content with more than 200 instruments: from orchestral and world percussion to ordinary drum sounds, as well as manual, piercing and electronic sounds. Ensemblia 2 Percussive is equipped with metal, wood, leather, harmonic and human sounds, including 25 snare, 24 big drums, 27 volumes and ethno-drums, 29 cymbals, 15 shakers, gongs and bows.
The bulk of the instruments was recorded in Brisbane / Australia with best percussionist Michael Askill. He is an icon of Australian music, known and revered for his constant contribution to the Australian landscape of contemporary music and its original combination of Asian and Western sounds.
During the recording of the instruments, we focused on close and deep sounding – we refused to record in the hall acoustics. This is something you can add later. You will find a complete list of tools in the manual.
Organization of tools – All 200+ tools are right at your fingertips. They are well organized in categories and groups that are displayed dynamically. This allows you to quickly and easily access all the tools. An additional preview function allows you to try the tools before choosing for the appropriate slot. It is easy to use. Create a template and simply replace the original tools.
Mixer 7 + 1 – Ensemblia2 is equipped with a powerful mixer with 7 instrumental tracks and 1 master track. Each of them is equipped with panning, tuning, length, delay, reverberation, 3-band equalizer and compression envelope. An additional unique feature is the ability to mix all tracks with matrix panning, which allows you to place each instrument in 3D space.
Multi-bit engine – Arranger was rebuilt from scratch and is now an arranger of 8 bits. Each bit can be independently divided into 4 x 16 notes, 8 x 32nd notes, 3 x 8th notes (triule) or 6 x 16th notes (sextol). In addition, the arranger has become faster and more complex in terms of potential dynamics or velocity applied to each note.
Arsenal bits – Ensemblia 2 Percussive comes with over 600 pre-assembled bits that are easily selected via the file browser.
4 modules in 1 tool – Ensemblia2 comes with four separate modules in one GUI. This allows you to easily switch between them with different beats and rhythms on the fly.
Design – Ensemblia 2 comes with a very modern, calm and minimalist design. It is intuitive and based on icons. All elements are arranged in a very logical and convenient manner.
Additional effects – Ensemblia 2 comes with 5 additional effects that can be easily turned on / removed by simply pressing a key. All this happens on the fly and gives you the opportunity to change the sound of your rhythms while you work.
Single instruments – In addition to the group percussion patch, the Ensemblia 2 package also consists of 10 additional patches with single instruments, with which you can collect all groups of instruments. This allows you to load groups of tools exclusively of your choice into your DAW, for example, only snares or only shakers, etc.
Manual playback – In addition to playing the rhythm through the arranger, you can also play the corresponding percussion instruments manually. This extends Ensemblia 2 capabilities. You can simply add certain instruments to your rhythm or simply play the rhythm manually and record it in your DAW.
Instrument Pack – Ensemblia 2 Percussive comes with one comprehensive patch, including an arranger and all 200 instruments, as well as 10 separate instrument patches that contain all specific groups of instruments.

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