7 Soundware – String Theory – D.i. Tele (KONTAKT)

By | January 11, 2019


Publisher : 7 Soundware
Website : 7soundware
Format : KONTAKT 5.6.6+
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo \ mono

Description : String Theory is a series of instruments for the Kontakt sampler, based on guitar samples. Di Tele is the first release of this series. We transferred the Fender Telecaster directly to a computer with 3 main articulations:
– Sustain
– Palm Mutes
– Natural Harmonic
We got a distinctive guitar sound, then processed samples to expand their sound capabilities. The processed sound is divided into 3 main groups:
– Bounce
– Counterpoint
– Air
Bounce reproduces the percussive sound of the strings, it is the most powerful and aggressive sound of the instrument.
Counterpoint can create counterpoints on different octaves and can really add depth and movement to the instrument with a multitude of high sounds and iridescent melodies.
Air has only one Sustain articulation and this is a looping part of our instrument, with which you can add a modulation to a chord or simulate a certain resonance in combination with the effects presented on the Fx page.
The effects page mentioned above is an additional tool tab that contains 4 different effects for shaping your sound and stimulating your creativity.



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