FaderPro – In The Studio with Junior Sanchez [Tutorial, ENG]

By | March 17, 2019


Year of release : 2018
Manufacturer : FaderPro
Manufacturer website : faderpro
Posted by : Junior Sanchez
Duration : 208.07 minutes.
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
Example files : LOOK
Video Format : MP4
Video : 555-4080 Kbps \ sec, 960-1920 * 540-1080 (16: 9), 29970 frames \ sec, AVC
Audio : 256 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC
Language : English

Description : Being capable, Junior Sanchez played in one of the hottest clubs in New York at the age of 15. Jump a few years in advance and he will produce the best house music on stage and become one of the most sought-after producers and DJs on the planet. With remixes and products for Madonna, Daft Punk, Louie Vega and others, as well as over 20 years of experience in the music industry, you can imagine how happy we are with his first full course at Toolroom Academy for FaderPro.
During this course, sit next to Junior, watch and learn how he creates a track from scratch in Avid Pro Tools.
– Chapter 1 – Introduction. Learn how to customize the workflow of your project and how the junior prepares – its drum tracks with the right margin, then uses the equalizer and further processes to build the skeleton of the drum track.
– Chapter 2 – Percussion and percussion. Find out why Junior starts with a drum track, how to use Warp in Pro Tools, a creative chain with Xfer LFOtool
– Chapter 3 – Bass Line. View and learn Junior Sanchez methods for programming grooves and adding processing using UAD Culture Vulture.
– Chapter 4 – Gauges and tires. Understand the measurements and settings and find out how Junior’s musical impact affects his track.
– Chapter 5 – Add more sound. Watch how Junior adds simple details on drums and percussions, processing what he does with an equalizer and compression.
– Chapter 6 – Handling Bass. Learn how Junior uses the equalizer and subharmonic processing tools to thicken and seal bass sounds.
– Chapter 7 – Drum loops. Understand how and why Junior selects drum loops and works with them in the track.
– Chapter 8 – Vocal Sample. Explore vocal samples and work with them as if the sampler works.
– Chapter 9 – Create your own vocal sample. Junior shows how a simple recording of your own voice, with the right effects and processing, can form an excellent vocal sample.
– Chapter 10 – Creating a synthetic stub. Learn how to create the perfect synthetic stub by imposing a few effects.
– Chapter 11 – Begin Arrangement. Watch and learn how Junior arranges the arrangement and how he organizes the track and mix.
– Chapter 12 – Arrangement part two. Understand how to fill the arrangement, set the time and make additional settings to fine-tune the track.
– Chapter 13 – The Effects of White Noise. Junior explains and demonstrates how to create white noise effects from scratch,
processing them using side-chain compression, equalizer and delay.
– Chapter 14 – Arrangement. Part Three Learn how to create drum rolls and use vorping and compression in arranging.
– Chapter 15 – Finalization of the arrangement. See how Junior works on intro, outro, and breakdown editing.

01 _-_ Introduction_and_Opening_with_Drums.mp4
02 _-_ Working_With_Drums_and_Percussion.mp4
03 _-_ Bass.mp4
04 _-_ Metering_and_Bussing.mp4
05 _-_ Adding_More_Sounds.mp4
06 _-_ Processing_the_Bass.mp4
07 _-_ Creating_Drum_Loops.mp4
08 _-_ Vocal_Sample.mp4
09 _-_ Creating_Your_Own_Vocal_Sample.mp4
10 _-_ Creating_Synth_Stabs.mp4
11 _-_ Starting_the_Arrangement.mp4
12 _-_ Arrangement_Part_2.mp4
13 _-_ White_noise_effects.mp4
14 _-_ Arrangement_Part_three.mp4
15 _-_ Refining_the_Arrangement.mp4

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