PUREMIX – How To Listen: Compression Edition [Tutorial, ENG]

By | August 9, 2019


Release Year : 2018
Manufacturer : PUREMIX
Manufacturer Website : puremix
Posted by : Fab Dupont
Duration : 39 minutes
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Video Format : TS
Video : Kbps – variable, 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 24000 frames \ sec, AVC
Audio : Kbps – Variable, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, AAC
Language : English

Description : Can you really hear what your compressor is doing?
In this exclusive, Fab Dupont returns to the How To Listen series. This time it’s Compression Edition. Compressors are some of the most useful tools that we engineers have. They give us the opportunity to control the dynamics and shape the tone and character of the source material.
But can you really hear what your compressor is doing? During this 40-minute lesson, Fab will show you how to:
– Listen to the dynamics of not only the level, but also the frequency changes
– Send items back or forward in your mixes to increase depth
– Add density and consistency to your drums
– Identify the behavioral differences between known compressors.
After you learn to hear the differences, Fab will conduct a test in which you will need to determine the difference between the 4 popular compressors on the bass barrel, helping you add several proprietary settings and compressor styles to your “sound” memory.
Learn techniques and approaches for compressing vocals, drums, and some of the most commonly used compressor applications.

How To Listen – Compression Edition.ts :
00:00 – Start
00:17 – The Purpose
00:34 – Vocals
15:30 – Vocal Compression Recap
17:56 – Compressing the Bass Drum
27:00 – Bass Drum Compression Quiz
28:15 – 2 Bus Compression
38:50 – In Summary
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