Groove3 – Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins [Tutorial, ENG]

By | October 4, 2019


Release Year : 2017
Manufacturer : Groove3
Manufacturer Website :
Duration : 04:27:18
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Description : In these detailed video tutorials, pro Larry Holcombe shows you how to use the amazing FabFilter plugins to mix a track from start to finish. A shot at Logic Pro X, the information is applicable to any DAW and shows you how to use FabFilter plugins efficiently and creatively.

In these in-depth video tutorials, studio pro Larry Holcombe shows you how to use FabFilter’s amazing plug-ins to mix a track from start to finish. Shot in Logic Pro X, the information is applicable to any DAW and will show you how to use FabFilter plug-ins effectively and creatively.
Larry starts off by welcoming you and sets the stage for the video series, outlining what to expect, and gives you a play through of the cool 80’s inspired song that will be mixed.
Larry then jumps in and covers important topics such as how to prepare your song for mixing, and setting levels and panning. He then gets into filtering and additive EQ, followed by different kinds of compression techniques.
Using spatial effects, doubling backing vocals, reverb and saturation in the mix are then all demonstrated using FabFilter plug-ins including Pro-Q 2, Pro-C, Pro-R, Pro-DS and others!
Automation and Mix Stem Processing are then shown, wrapping up the series and producing a professional mix that you can be proud of.
See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re thinking about getting FabFilter plug-ins and want to see them in action before you buy, or have them and want a better understanding of how to use them in a real-world mix, this is the video series for you. Watch “Mixing with FabFilter Plug-Ins” today!

├── 01PreparingTheMix1.mp4
├── 02PreparingTheMix2.mp4
├── 03LevelsPanning.mp4
├── 04SubtractiveEQFiltering1.mp4
├── 05SubtractiveEQFiltering2.mp4
├── 06SubtractiveEQFiltering3.mp4
├── 07Compression1.mp4
├── 08Compression2.mp4
├── 09Compression3.mp4
├── 10AddictiveEQHarmonicSaturation1.mp4
├── 11AddictiveEQHarmonicSaturation2.mp4
├── 12SpatialEffects1.mp4
├── 13SpatialEffects2.mp4
├── 14SpatialDoublingEffects.mp4
├── 15Reverb1.mp4
├── 16Reverb2.mp4
├── 17DeEssing.mp4
├── 18ParallelCompAndSat1.mp4
├── 19ParallelCompAndSat2V2.mp4
├── 20Automation.mp4
└── 21MixStemProcessing.mp4

Sample Files : None
Video Format : MP4
Video : AVC, 1600×900 (16: 9), 30.000 fps, ~ 774 Kbps avg, 0.018 bit / pixel
Audio : 48.0 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~ 256 Kbps


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