Origin Sound – Day Dreaming 3 – Lo-Fi Hip Hop Jamz (WAV)

By | November 1, 2019


Publisher : Origin Sound
Website : Origin Sound
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Origin Sound presents its latest set of Day Dreaming 3 samples, full of vibrations that give you the feeling of taking a nap on a grassy field while the summer breeze cools you. The soft content inside the package is the perfect tool to take your chill-hop pieces to the next level.

Begin your pack exploration by digging through the colossal folder of music loops. Filled with over 60 laidback and sleepy loops, these dazed sounds will help you achieve that sought after jazzy hip-hop feel. Ranging from pitch bending and rich synths, wobbly and twangy electric keys, warm and percussive acoustic guitars, piano chords oozing with soul, chugging electric guitar plucks, resampled and vintage-feel vocals, jazzy woodwind and brass grooves, thick and meaty bass-lines , song starters that showcase combinations of loops and melodic chops that feel like theyʼve been ripped right off a vinyl. These music loops are the foundation of Day Dreaming 3 and help to make it the incomparable pack it is.
After taking a dip into the vast pool of music loops, bask in the heat of the warm grooves of the drum loops. Day Dreaming 3 comes geared with 20 full drum loops, 20 percussion / tops loops, as well as 10 extra percussion loops. The drum loop folder contains all the chilled out rhythms and sleepy grooves you could need to make your next dreamy beat. The drums are full of kicks that bring the perfect thump, snares that smack right through the mix and percussion and hats that keep those high-end frequencies nice and warm. These sounds will spice up your kit and help bring some sauce into your dry beats.
Make sure not to miss the SFX folder, it is bubbling over with extra easter eggs. With bird ambiences, extra melodic chops, SFX shots and much more, this folder is a sick spot to find some curve ball inspiration.
If you are trying to conjure up some super mellow summertime hip-hop bops, then Day Dreaming 3 is your one stop shop. Have a dig through all the loops yourself and find all the delicacies packed inside.

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