String Audio – LIGHTless for Omnisphere 2 (SOUNDBANK)

By | January 27, 2020

Publisher : String Audio
Website : String Audio
Format : Omnisphere 2.3 +
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Presets for Omnisphere 2

Additional Information

STRING AUDIO legendary samples and sound design skills meet Spectrasonics award-winning Omnisphere 2 virtual instrument, the result is an incredible library of hybrid, organic signature patches, and multis that will bring a whole new palette of sounds colors in your music productions
ALL patches and multis contained in LIGHTless have been created using the brand new original sample content produced and recorded by String Audio exclusively for Omnisphere 2. All incredible power offered by the STEAM engine, including his synthesis capabilities, Orb engine, and modulations options has been implemented to create state of the art patches and multis.
Sounds range is extremely wide, ranging from dark deep and distorted drones and textures to delicate and evocative pads and keys, with also a vast array of pulses and percussive patches and multis.
LIGHTless is a must-have library for the modern film, game and TV composer that want to bring to a new level his musical and sound design projects.
Content description
2.4 GB of brand new String Audio signature samples exclusively produced for Omnisphere 2
331 Soundsources
332 patches
106 Multis
1 click easy installation
System requirements
Require Omisphere 2.3 or above


1. Run your DAW as administrator
2. Download Omnisphere
3. Click the Utility button in the upper left corner and select Install .omnisphere
4. Installation running for files Nebula Omnisphere 2 Preset Bank.omnisphere and wait for the installation to complete

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