Propellerhead – Reason 10.4d4 build 9 878 [WiN x64]

By | March 21, 2020


Year / Release Date : 2019
Version : 10.4d4 Build build 9 878
Developer : Propellerhead
Developer’s site :
Bit : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual (no Russian)
Tabletka : absent
System Requirements :
Internet connection for authorization, registration
Intel or AMD multi-core processor
4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for larger ReFill and Rack Extensions
4 GB of free space, plus 8 GB for content. Additionally, the program can use up to 20 GB of hard disk space for temporary recording files.
Windows 7 and later (64-bit)
Monitor with a resolution of 1280×768
Audio Interface with ASIO Driver
MIDI interface and MIDI keys recommended

Description : Propellerhead Reason 10 is the tenth version of the software, with improvements, optimizations, and more than 3 GB of additional audio content. These are samples and loops in the Reason Loop Supply section and in the Reason Drum Supply section. Several new tools have appeared. Among them are the Grain synthesizer with extensive granular synthesis capabilities, the Europa synthesizer, a tabular-wave synthesizer with dynamic wave generation, the universal keyboard instrument Radical Piano, and the multi-effects processor Synchronous. Three more sets of sampled instruments were added: Klang Tuned Percussion (10 percussion melodic instruments), Pangea World Instruments (11 instruments from around the world) and Humana Vocal Ensemble (choirs / vocal parts for soundtracks or pop ballads).
Available tools:
Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer
Grain Sample Manipulator
Radical piano
Klang Tuned Percussion
Pangea World Instruments!
Humana Vocal Ensemble
Kong drum designer;
Malstroem & thor;
Dr. Octo Rex loop player and a significant number of others.

Add. information :
Reason 10 can use an unlimited amount of time in Demo Mode: (clipping from the manual for reason 10)

Running Reason in Demo Mode allows you to perform all operations as in Authorized Mode, with three exceptions:
• You cannot export audio, drop files to Allihoopa or bounce mixer channels to disk.
• You will not have access to any Rack Extension devices (except for the included Radical Piano, Synchronous,
Softube Amps, Audiomatic and Pulsar Rack Extensions).
• You cannot open songs.

The only songs that can be opened in Demo Mode are the dedicated demo songs (file extension “.rsndemo”,
“.Reedemo” and “.recdemo”). See “Opening a Reason Demo Song”.

What is highlighted in bold, we will win.
First you install launch Master Daw (reaper or ableton in my case), then launch Reason 10 in Demo MODE mode, in this case the master daw automatically hooks to reason, and in the reason itself you can see the rewire slave mode (which is what you need). In this case, Reason will receive midi signals from the master daw and send a sound in response (you just need to correctly output to the audio track what comes with the rewire slave). In this case, we defeat the following: You cannot export audio bounce mixer channels to disk.
2) The fact that we will not have access to the Rack Extension do not care) although we can play with Radical Piano, Synchronous, Softube Amps, Audiomatic and Pulsar Rack Extensions
3) You cannot open songs. For this, Reason 5 is needed. If you create a project in Reason 5, you can open it in reason 10! Such an interesting fact. Yes, we cannot create, for example, The Echo in reason 5, because it simply is not there. Then you’ll come up with how to use it for yourself. I will say that I need this in order to create 8 combinators and split them into 8 different hardware outputs so that the tools can receive on separate audio channels in ableton.
4) from reason 10 itself, you can save your presets, it is more convenient to do if the tool you created is combined in combinator and then save the combinator preset, in which case everything that was inside it will be stored in the preset, and open it the next time you start it.
5) To write your song, you need to write midi in rewire master (reaper or ableton in my case), because from reason not to get saved midi and automation

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