Native Instruments KOMPLETE 12 Instruments & Effects (Standalone, VST, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | April 15, 2020


Release Year : 2020
Developer : Native Instruments
Platform : PC
Interface language : English only
Tabletka : Not required (Keygen only for 32-bit plugins)
System Requirements :
• Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit, latest Service Pack)
• Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended), Graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher
• 20 GB free disk space (490 GB for complete installation)
• Supports ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI
• Runs in 64-bit VST, AAX hosts
Note : MASSIVE X requires an AVX-compatible CPU to run.

Description : An excellent collection of instruments for every task of music production. The widest range of ultra-modern tools, covering the entire cycle of creating and producing music – from sound design, dubbing and production to mixing, mastering and live performance.


Installation Instructions for Dummies!

1. open the downloaded folder, we see two folders “Fx”, “Instruments” and the installation application “Native Access v1.12.1”
2. Install “Native Access v1.12.1”
3. Next, go to the “Fx” / “Instruments” folders and select the folder with the tool you need ( for example, Absynth 5 ).
4. click on the folder with the selected tool, we see the folder “R2R” and the application from 7z “Absynth 5 v5.3.1 Update [7z]”
5. Open “Absynth 5 v5.3.1 Update [7z]” and unpack the files in the same folder we are in.
6. The application installer tool “Absynth 5 Setup PC.exe”, the Windows installer package “Absynth 5 Setup PC.msi”, and two files of the format “RES” and “LIB” appear.
7.  Do not touch these files.
8. Go to the “R2R” folder
There we see two applications, “Keygen.exe”, “NI_InstReg_Absynth5.exe” and a text document “R2R.txt”.
9. Open “NI_InstReg_Absynth5.exe”.
( product registration in Native Access )
10. And only after that we go back to the folder with the selected tool and run the installer of the tool “Absynth 5 Setup PC.exe”.
(dll x64 files may be thrown in a different way and therefore may not be displayed in the Plugin Manager. Specify a different path for unpacking the dll x64 to other dll x64 files of your plugins, or add a new scan folder in the plugin manager)
11. After installing the tool, run keygen into the “R2R” folder and generate a license for the selected product.
12. run to the sequencer and enjoy

Optional :
For 64 bit – keygen is not needed !!!


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  1. Zwiss

    There are no R2R maps in each Instrument folder. they are missing…

  2. Andrew

    Hi, i am intalling kontak, and i don´t understand how to download from the native acces the libraries for kontak


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