TC Electronic – Finalizer 1.0.10 [WiN x64]

By | June 17, 2020


Year / Release Date: 04.2020
Version: 1.0.10
Developer: TC Electronic
Developer’s site: finalizer
Bit: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tabletka: cured
System Requirements: Windows 7+

Description: TC Electronic Finalizer App: new music mastering app with free cloud track analysis

The program is based on real mastering processors TC Electronic Finalizer and System 6000.

TC Electronic has released TC Electronic Finalizer music mastering software. The program consists of a compressor, limiter and equalizer for finalizing mixes and is based on the algorithms of the real processor TC Electronic System 6000, released more than 20 years ago.

TC Electronic believe that once they already managed to revolutionize the world of music mastering. In the late 1990s, the company released the TC Electronic Finalizer digital mastering processor, which quickly became popular: the device made the sound so “bold” that many producers struggled with the desire to use it constantly. In an era when limiters and all kinds of sets of finalizing tools have not yet moved into the virtual world, Finalizer allowed you to quickly and efficiently make mixes loud and juicy, even in micro-studios. 20 years after the processor appeared, the company turned it into an ordinary application and sincerely believes that it will become as popular as the original device.

According to company information, the program consists of a compressor module, a limiter and an equalizer, which were exactly transferred from the TC Electronic System 6000 processor. In addition, Finalizer is equipped with stereo field control modules and Mid / Side information, as well as a volume compensator. The final processing chain, according to the developers, contains all the necessary components for preparing tracks for mastering, processing and exporting them.

Unlike the real TC Electronic Finalizer, the program offers a large set of visualization tools that communicate all information about the sound signal. The developers have equipped the application with many analyzers, as well as the functions “Spectral Dynamic Contour” and “Spectro Lab Toolbox”, which visualize in detail the entire process of mastering music.

TC Electronic follows the trends: the application has received a number of cloud-based sound analysis functions. It is reported that in a special window, users can upload their mixes to the TC Electronic cloud platform, where the mix will be analyzed and compared with the selected reference tracks. The web service is free for all users who do not even use TC Electronic Finalizer. Despite the current trendy cloud technologies, the developers note that the cloud is intended only for the analysis of the audio signal – it is worthwhile to process it either in Finalizer itself or in other online mastering services.


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