Native Instruments – ARKHIS v1.0.0 (KONTAKT)

By | July 19, 2020


Publisher: Native Instruments
Website: native-instruments
Format: KONTAKT 6.2.2+
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: An ultramodern, modernist composition.
Quickly create powerful atmospheric scores for any project
90 layered, modern sound sources recorded at the legendary Berlin Teldex Scoring Stage
Created in collaboration with pioneer Orchestral Tools
Big Screen – Whether it’s gritty neo-noir fantasy or good fantasy, accentuation is the final touch that can create or break a cinematic experience. ARKHIS is a specialized instrument for voicing cutting-edge orchestral soundtracks that bring scenes to life. Created in collaboration with Orchestral Tools, it combines a premium sample library with an easy-to-use layer blending engine
Create a scene with sound – layering a huge set of tonally played instruments to create everything from evolving transitions to quick accents for actions on the screen. An extensive collection of orchestral and ensemble sounds create the accompaniment, and solo instruments add a subtle meaning to their proximity. Less common Hollywood-style sounds like water telephones and cymbals are great for ethereal and sometimes cramped textures when the story needs it. Recorded on the legendary Teldex Scoring stage in Berlin, each sound source reflects the modern frontier ubiquitous for contemporary cinematic scores.
Straight to the Picture – ARKHIS is designed to turn writing into a workflow that allows you to focus on important – compelling storytelling. Change tools with one click, gain effects and make last passages in real time. Quickly accentuate dynamic changes in action and recall themes in subtle new ways as the story unfolds.
Engine – ARKHIS is built around a central playback module that can be quickly and easily used from any MIDI controller. Choose from 90 sound sources to assign three independently modulated layers that can be layered from left to right using one morph control. Pick up motion and complementary colors in real time with a central LFO and FX knob for subtle designs in the atmosphere or to create variations on the theme of the whole scene.

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