Rigid Audio – Acoustic Isolation (KONTAKT, WAV)

By | July 21, 2020


Publisher: Rigid Audio
Website: rigid-audio
Format: KONTAKT 6.2.2+, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Drums, basses, guitars … much, much more!
ACOUSTIC ISOLATION presents 200 ready-to-use kits covering amazing sounding drum grooves and percussion loops, as well as a huge range of pianos, strings, guitars and synth loops. This is a state-of-the-art loop module for KONTAKT, containing 800 different loops that can be played in tandem in three categories (Groove, Percussion and Melody). The fourth user section allows you to import your own WAV loops with a simple drag and drop.
All loops are 24-bit / 48 kHz WAV files. They can be played back in polyphonic mode with a time stretch over a range of two octaves (24 semitones). Each part has its own color range on the keyboard. You can also play sliced ​​loops using the SLICE button on the Sequencer Pages. There are special MIDI trigger keys / notes that allow you to re-trigger the currently playing section (when the sequencer is on) or trigger a volume transgate for each part.
ACOUSTIC ISOLATION allows you to import your own WAV loops simply by dragging and dropping. Save your customized instrument as an NKI instrument or snapshot for later use. You have four displays that show the currently loaded (loaded) loop. From there you can select different loops or let ACOUSTIC ISOLATION select new ones by pressing the “R” buttons (randomize). The SPACE knobs set the number of convolutional reverbs for the selected part. (The “SPACE” switch must be turned on in the effects page). The FX buttons can be used to turn the FX sections for parts on or off. The SEQ buttons turn the sequencer on / off for each part.
When you press the SHIFT and ALT / OPTION keys on the first randomize button on the mixing page (BASS section), it also randomly (on or off) changes the state of the sequencer and selects a random sequencer preset for all four parts.
For almost all controls, you can press ALT / OPTION and adjust the value for all parts at the same time. (This is always indicated in the CONTACT information window).
CONTROL / COMMAND will reset values. SHIFT for fine tuning.

Specifications :
– 750 24-bit / 48KHz host-synced WAV loops (2.2GB)
– RA “Rock Essentials” Mini Expansion (50 BONUS WAV Loops)
– drag and drop WAV file (s) import for each layer
– 200 preset snapshots
– based on the powerful CINEMATRIX engine (14k + lines of script code)
– central mixing section with 2x parametric EQ per part
– seperate edit, fx and sequencer pages
– comprehensive effects section with 4x convolution reverb
– polyphonic timestretching, MIDI hotkeys
– intelligent randomization
– per-part step sequencer with sample and loop offset
– awesome editing and sound-shaping capabilities
– mix and match loops for endless posibilities
– unencrypted WAV loops – ready for any DAW
– fast preset kit browsing utilizing KONTAKT’s snapshot feature


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