Dropgun Samples – Moo Latte: Soulful MOOds (WAV)

By | September 14, 2020


Publisher: Dropgun Samples
Website: dropgunsamples.com
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Moo Latte is a Polish manufacturer with African roots based in Copenhagen. He was educated as a classical and jazz instrumentalist and composer. Currently active in the international music scene, he is responsible for releases with names like Bitamina, Soia, Elijah Fox, Chelsea Reject, Kinkai, Marie Dahlstrom and many other artists from Europe and the USA. As a producer, Mu Latte moves between genres such as hip hop, soul, jazz and ethnic music. He develops his own sound by combining samples, acoustic instruments and synthesizers.
In the “Soulful MOOds Sample Pack,” he compiled his most personal sounds of a hollow-body electric jazz guitar, vintage electric pianos and some carefully crafted synth patches, as well as self-recording drum and percussion sounds that will inspire any producer across a wide range of genres from Low-fi. hip-hop to city sounds, soulful beats or Future Bass. Loops, riffs and melodies have a characteristic human feel and are perfect for pitching and stretching to get your own personal sound in just a couple of seconds. Soulful MOOds are great for getting instant inspiration for a new track, or for bringing your beats to life that just lack that one, last human touch.

Content :
Total Audio Files: 447
5 x Construction Kits


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