Studiolinked – Bundle – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | September 25, 2020


Year / Date of Issue: – 01.2020
Developer: StudioLinked
Developer site: Studiolinked
Format: VSTi, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Ne required
System requirements: Windows 7+

Description: Infiniti Player is a powerful romple engine designed for the production of modern music. Whether you’re creating in the studio or on your knee, the Infiniti Player is always ready to go. Control amazing sampled instruments Improve your sound shaping capabilities Expand your sound libraries with 3500+ instruments / 16+ GB.
Infiniti Player comes with advanced synthesis controls that are perfect for sound designers. Activate the LFO, select the waveform and control its assignment. The chord section allows you to play any major, minor, or diminished chord type. Music theory can be a challenge at times, so we’ve added controls to add a dominant seventh, nonchord, or undecimacord. Infiniti Player has an advanced arpeggiator.
The library rack allows you to view and organize extension packages. What sets Infiniti apart from the rest is the 3D animated library system. Each sound library contains a unique animation clip. Thus, there is always something visually moving or lighting up when the notes are triggered. 500+ presets + expansion packs … give users an endless amount of audio possibilities.

StudioLinked – Bit Machine
StudioLinked – Lit Drumz 1.0
Studiolinked – Trap Boom 4 v1.0
StudioLinked – MAMBA 1.0

+ Expansion:
Alien leads
Analog phatness
Anthem brass
G-Funk Leads
Radio Rnb
Synth addict
Dark pads
Mini synth
Retro things
Swurve 2
Trap boom
Trap mafia
Trap stabz
Universe Pads
Urban choir
Vocal booth
Studiolinked – Ambient Pads 1.0
Studiolinked – Urban Slayer – Electric
Studiolinked – Music Box 1.00
StudioLinked – Crank.1.2 –
StudioLinked – Imitation Delay 1.0.0 –
StudioLinked – Scott Storch 1.0.0 –
StudioLinked – Urban Redline Synthesizer –
StudioLinked – DNA 1.0.1 –
StudioLinked – Trap Boom 2 –
StudioLinked – Trap Boom 3 –
StudioLinked – Zaytoven Funky Fingers 1.0.1-
StudioLinked – Drumma 1.1 –
StudioLinked – Trophies 1.0 –
StudioLinked – ChordGuru 1.0 –
StudioLinked – Certified Module –
StudioLinked – Future Pop –
StudioLinked – Hip Hop Brass XL –
StudioLinked – Modern Drums –
StudioLinked – BASSx by Mr. Collipark – – BASSx Synth + BASSx_Drum
StudioLinked – Vocal Runs Module –
StudioLinked – OvO RnB Workstation –
StudioLinked – OvO RnB Workstation 2 –
StudioLinked – Modernize 1.0.0 –
+ Expansion:
EDM Global
Festival trap


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