Capsun ProAudio – Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 2 (WAV)

By | October 13, 2020


Publisher: Capsun ProAudio
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 2 welcomes you home. Warm melodic lofi samples combine with rich synths, cozy pianos, vintage keys and textured drum samples to create the soothing sound of native hip-hop instrumental compositions. All high quality, royalty-free ideas are ready to use in your DAW or sampler of your choice.
Influenced by a jazz nostalgic origin and sample-based beats, we have created complex melodic cuts and original compositions for resampling and processing. We took the familiar retro synth sounds, kalimbas, guitars, female vocal sessions, live instruments, and synthetic sound design and experimented with loopy sampling and processing techniques, including re-amplification, beat crushing, manual sound chopping, and hardware emulation. The 808 sabbass and dark, soft chop add a hint of new rap and trap tunes.
Explore a hand-crafted character-driven drum kit consisting of single shots and loops. Resampled live and machine hits include thumping kicks, soft snare pitch and crunchy pops, crumbling percussion and dusty hi-hats. Fully saturated with saturation, dirt and low-res sheen. Loops include wobbly beats, non-quantized phrases, and glitchy percussive folium beats.
Once again capturing the calming atmosphere and aesthetics of the lofi scene. 24/7 chilled YouTube streams, beats to explore and sampler-based comfort. Created in collaboration with lofi hip-hop performer and beat composer Mark aka From his studio in Dresden, Germany, he combines soulful chords with organic sound design and boom bap rhythmic grooves to create stories and feelings.
Designed to perfectly inspire and complement loopy hip hop, chill hop, downtempo, chatter and dusty electronics.

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