8Dio – The New Acoustic Grand Ensembles Vol 2 (KONTAKT)

By | November 4, 2020


Publisher: 8Dio
Website: 8Dio
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Continuing the first volume, The New AGE Vol. 2 contains four new and unique Grand Ensembles including the Harp Concert Ensemble, Cymbal Ensemble, Marimba Ensemble, and Bell Ensemble. It also includes forty stunning multi-sample synthesizers based on the original recordings of the great sound engineer Steve Tavallone, as well as forty custom synthesizers to accompany ensembles.

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required


Additional Information :
Welcome to AGE – Acoustic Grand Ensembles – the most comprehensive collection of alternative ensembles ever created. The New AGE (Acoustic Grand Ensembles) series is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G award-winning composer, Troels Folmann and Emmy nominated composer and orchestrator, Colin O’Malley. Recorded in the same signature hall as our CAGE, V8P and Legion Series, the sound of AGE is proudly unorthodox.
All the ensembles contain four hall based microphone perspectives which have been strategically placed to capture the performance of these alternative ensembles (Close, Decca, Far, Wide) as well as a prepared stereo mix, but we did not stop there. We also included five Spot Microphone perspectives to help bring out and isolate each player’s unique character. Each ensemble is separated into two patches: ‘Main’ which includes the Close, Decca, Far and Wide positions, and ‘Spot’ which includes the Spot counterparts one through five. So whether you need the grand sound of the full ensemble or the precise nuances of the individual instruments, we made sure to capture it all in immense detail to give you all the options you need to make these ensembles come to life.
All the Grand Ensembles are deeply-sampled with a vast range of articulations.
Each ensemble was recorded specially for the needs and nature of the instrument. For example, the Concert Harp Ensemble, featuring four professional harpists, has beautiful sustains, three different styles of staccato, and specific articulations like tremolos, and harmonics. It also contains a massive section of stereo and dynamic Harp FX, including varying types of Major, Fast and Harmonic Glissandos, Rapid Strokes, Glissando Waves, Harmonic Chaos, and Percussive Slaps. If you haven’t heard the sound of four harps playing harmonic glissando waves you are missing out!
Similarly, the Cimbalom Ensemble contains a range of Staccatos, Strums, Tremolos and more. Other Grand Ensembles such as the Wind Chime and Marimba Ensemble have their own deep-sampled set of articulations custom designed for the nature of the instrument.
The real beauty about The New AGE Series is that you can make these ensembles your own. With a large number of Microphones included, you can pick and bring out your lead players. These instruments will sound different for everyone and will fit beautifully in any mix.
There is no manual on “how to record alternative ensembles,” but something magical happens when you take several Concert Master Harp players, place them in a symphonic hall and follow the sound, test new articulations and push instruments to their absolute limits. It is no longer a Harp; it becomes a new instrument all to its own. The same can be said of the Wind Chime or Cimbalom Ensembles. They become something much more than the sum of their parts, and we invite you to experience it all and experiment with us!
Flexibility & Control
The New AGE Vol. 2 has an all-new user interface which brings it in line with our recent releases. The new interface features a range of front facing options, giving easy access to control the playback of the samples. These include Attack, Release Tails, Speed, Response, Stereo Spread, and Filter controls. The Reverse, Chaos, and Stack options also allow for quick options to randomize or to change the sound of the ensemble completely.
Similarly, the new interface gives easy access to the vast range of articulations in each browser as well as a selection of microphone options in the mixer tab. We have also included our all-new X / Y Matrix grid which offers a brand new way to control an array of inbuilt effect processes. Finally, the modulation tab gives you access to Expression, Tuning, Gate Sequencing and Filter LFO options to help sculpt, shape and mangle your sound.
Superior mixing
The New AGE Vol. 2 contains ten different microphone positions allowing for superior mixing options, we have divided the positions across two patches (Main and Spot), making the instruments more CPU friendly and giving you a quicker workflow. The flexibility of microphone positions allows you to dial in the perfect sound for you, whether it’s the full Marimba Ensemble playing in unison or focusing in on a single Cimbalom player.
40 Multi-Sampled Synths
Along with the two main patches for the different microphone arrangements, each Ensemble comes with a synthesized patch containing ten custom synths designed to blend perfectly with each Ensemble. These synths are intended to beautifully augment the sound of the ensemble, but as they are created from the sample content, the distinct sounds can be easily used in a wide range of productions.
40 Custom Synths by Steve Tavaglione
The New AGE Vol. 2 includes a separate bonus bank of synthesized ambiences by the master sound designer Steve Tavaglione. These Ambient Synths offer a vastly different set of timbres from the acoustic instruments and can be used alongside the sounds of the other ensembles or stand-alone, giving you even more options.
Chaos FX Engine
The New AGE Vol. 2 contains our Chaos rack effects system. Giving you even more options to shape and mold the sounds in any way you please. Modulate the sounds of the ensembles with the Phaser and Transform options or create vast spaces with the Reverb and Delay modules. Carefully craft your sound with the EQ or crank it to 11 with Bit Crush and Distortion. The Chaos Effects give you endless options to truly customize your sound.


Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
29,354 Samples. 29.95 GB
10 Microphone Positions / Mixes Per Ensemble
4 Harps, 5 Cimbaloms, 5 Marimbas
6 Windchimes, Bonus Ensembles
Deep-Sampled with specific articulations for each Ensemble
40 Custom Multi-Sampled Synths designed to augment each ensemble
Bonus Synths featuring 40 Custom Ambiences by Steve Tavaglione
Product only available as Direct Download
Built-In Chaos Effects with X / Y Control
Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required


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