Native Instruments – Traktor Pro [OSX x64]

By | April 17, 2021


Year of release: 02.2021
Developer: Native Instruments
Developer site: Native Instruments
Platform: iNTEL
Bit depth: 64 bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: present | file to replace
System requirements: macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 (latest update), Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM

Description: Many years have passed since the release of the first DJ software from Native Instruments in 2000. And now the manufacturer has announced the release of a new version of Traktor Pro 3. Traktor Pro 3 for today: increased stability, updated graphical interface, higher sound quality, new time-stretching, improved limiter, and much more. The user interface has become more readable and user-friendly. The color scheme is more contrasting, light gray elements are removed. A new mixer has been developed with eight additional effects and three filters, over 40 different effects in total. There is also a new Elastique 3 time-stretching algorithm. The TraktorScratch option for scratching vinyl with timecode is now included with Traktor Pro 3 and can be used with any sound card.
Traktor PRO 3 is a virtual DJ studio with the key capabilities of its physical counterpart. This product was developed by Native Instruments, which is one of the leaders in the music software market. Supports current audio formats, providing the ability to record, mix, create remixes. The interface is made in a realistic style and fully corresponds to real equipment. Each user can customize the appearance to suit their needs. Two or four disc decks can be used. There are all the necessary controls, equalizers, filters.
The program is focused on DJs, but thanks to its simplicity and convenience, it will help to realize the creative potential of ordinary users.

New in version :
TRAKTOR PRO 3.4.2 brings mostly a list of fixes of legacy bugs, which leads to improved stability.
– Enhanced detection of file corruption:
An error message is shown when errors are detected in the files during Track Analysis.
– Mouse control malfunction (Apple M1):
On Apple M1 computers, all knobs and faders are now correctly releasing mouse click and drag events.
– Freeze on shut-down:
When closing the application, the application no longer freezes showing a dialog “flushing background tasks”.
– Freeze when importing Collection:
The process of importing a large Collection no longer causes TRAKTOR to freeze at the end.
– Writing .ogg meta-information corrupts files:
.ogg files no longer become corrupted after their first playback in a deck.
– Explorer node loses sortability by Key:
The Key column can now always be sorted when browsing through different folders of the Explorer node.
– Lost keyboard focus when inline editing:
The keyboard focus is no longer lost when pressing ESC to exit inline editing.
– Error when creating a folder with the same name as playlist:
Creating a folder with the same name as an existing playlist or smartlist will no longer lead to an error and appends a digit after the name.
– Status Bar Text not readable
The brightness of the status bar text has been increased for better contrast.
– Play count for Remix Sets broken
The play count now correctly counts up, when a Remix Set is played longer than the defined minimum play time.
– Play count not working for Playtime 0
The Play Count now works properly when the minimum Playtime is 0.
– Crash on startup:
A crash on startup, happening in rare circumstances, has been resolved.
Crash on quit (Windows):
A non-critical crash on quit, on Windows computers, has been resolved.


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