United Plugins – Bundle – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x86, x64]

By | May 2, 2021


Developer: United Plugins & Soundevice Digital
Developer site: unitedplugins
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 32 – 64bit
Tabletka: Ne required. (Read “Installation”)
System requirements: Windows 7+

United Plugins & Fire Sonic – Fire Master – Your track is already great, but you still feel like it needs some extra polish. A gentle nudge towards excellence. This is the so called cherry on top – FireMaster FireSonic. This ultimate finisher and sonic booster will give your tracks more body, air and perfect balance.
United Plugins – Soundevice Digital Royal Compressor – This has been done many times before, but this one is piercing through and through. Fantastic Emulation and Inspiration – A model of the classic British device from the Beatles era, used on hundreds of records since the sixties, Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel. Nice saturation and sensitive compression is what every track really needs.

Vari-mu compressor – Simulated vari-mu circuits provide warmth and pleasing compression for any type of audio material. It’s even more than just suitable for vocals, bass, drums on both insert and band.

Just a Few Knobs – In the days when every mix was literally done by hand, you had to have as few controllers as possible. Royal Compressor honors this philosophy. These few knobs have a huge impact on your sound and deliver a vintage sound and kick in instantly.

Three Pattern Types – The A / B / C Model Knob gives you the ability to switch between three Pattern Types with different fixed attack values.
Auto Gain – Don’t worry about volume anymore. AGC keeps the output at the same level, no matter how much input gain you add to get serious saturation. Changing the color will not change the output volume.

Saturator – Unlike the original vintage units, the Royal Compressor also has an adjustable saturation. The random saturation algorithm creates the effect of connecting analog equipment to your track.

United Plugins – JMG Sound Hyperspace is an algorithmic reverb that allows the user to create algorithms composed of different processors. Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Space modes allow you to combine different algorithms with endless possibilities. HyperSpace will enrich your tracks with a multitude of colors.

Custom Algorithms – Hyperspace allows you to easily create your own custom algorithms in a quick and intuitive way. From vintage and classic gear to super-realistic spaces or ethereal textures. All you have to do is simply use the pads to create a great sounding reverb that is unique to you.

Perfectly seated – Too often, reverb can wash out your sounds and push them back into the mix, losing focus and clarity. Hyperspace gives you 4 extremely useful mixing tools that manipulate your reverb to fit perfectly into your mix. Including spectral separation, ducking, transient recovery and more, these unique processors give you complete control over the shape of your reverb.
Intelligent Randomization – The Dice Symbols are smart randomizers that use useful settings to give you great-sounding reverb with just one click. With 3 levels of randomness, you can use them to subtly alter the character of an existing sound, or to unleash chaos to surprise and inspire you.

Intuitive Interface – Hyperspace gives you amazing control over reverb through an easy-to-use interface. The ultra-clear background fades out, allowing your eyes to focus on meaningful, color-coded zone controls to help you get up to speed quickly. The GUI is also resizable and HDPI compatible, so it fits perfectly on any screen.

Smart Controls – Parameters in Hyperspace offer extreme ranges to provide maximum flexibility in adjusting useful values ​​centered on the controls so you can find them quickly. Separate Wet & Dry controls give you maximum control over the reverb balance, with the link option. Time-based parameters can be synchronized with the tempo of the host to get pre-delay and dick in time.
United Plugins – FireSonic FireCobra – combines the precision of the digital world with the living randomness of analog. There is more technology behind its simple user interface than you’d expect. FireCobra intelligently analyzes the audio signal and makes it sound louder, more powerful and better overall. This makes the mixes better with almost no time wasted tweaking. Just place it on each track you want to improve and indicate how much. Fast and easy and sounds incredible.

United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Front DAW – The digital world with its clarity and precision lacks some of the atmosphere of the old days. That’s why English producer and remixer Greg Brimson, also powered by the United Plugins engine, came to us with his idea for a dream plugin. “Create an entrance door for each recording and name it Front DAW guys,” he said, “so that every track has a real analog input.” With it, you can turn your DAW Mixer into a true analog console.
Each track is different from VARM
Greg isn’t the only one who needs to take advantage of our variable random analog modeling technology. VARM is a technology based on the knowledge of the chaotic behavior and randomness of the analog world. Thanks to VARM, each plugin instance acts a little differently. VARM simulates the randomness of subtle differences in electrical part values ​​- just like real electrical units and real console channels.
Three types of saturation.
The BR / US / GE buttons represent three types of analog circuits that you can select. BR represents classic British fat consoles, USA – legendary and impressive American style. Switching to GE will give you the velvety sound of a colorful vintage German tube console.
Turning the Mojo knob allows you to define the saturation of your tracks. The effect is quite subtle and soft because the Front DAW is designed to be used simultaneously on many tracks. You don’t want your mix to be messy, do you?


United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Voxessor 1.0 VST
United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – DIFIX 2.0 VST
United Plugins & Muramasa Audio – MorphVerb 1.1 VST
United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Autoformer 1.1 VST
United Plugins & Fire Sonic – FireCharger 1.0.0 VST
United Plugins & JMG Sound – Hyperspace v1.7
United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Front DAW 1.4
United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Royal Compressor 1.8
United Plugins – Quick AG 1.1 VST

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