Spitfire Audio – EDNA Earth 1.1 (KONTAKT)

By | May 8, 2021


Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: spitfireaudio
Format: KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.5.2+
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Synthesizer from orchestra.
An epic collection of synthesized orchestral sounds, eDNA Earth, has been created using our vast range of organic orchestral recordings, processed, distorted and reprogrammed beyond recognition and by Spitfire’s award-winning team of composers, engineers and developers.
With thousands of sounds and presets, we took our entire orchestral palette and turned it into an alternate universe. A powerful encyclopedia of unique experimental electronic samples, eDNA Earth was created with music from films, television and games in mind, offering endless inspiration to the next generation of composers, as well as attracting dance and pop producers looking to add cutting-edge technology, cinematic electronic textures to their music. With the new easy-to-use, super-controllable graphical user interface eDNA, you have uncharted territory for new sonic experiments.
eDNA Earth is a collection of over 1900 basic instruments created by the Spitfire team in over 1000 custom presets over six months. Encased in an attractive, intuitive graphical interface, EDNA Engine is designed for a wide range of genres and cinematic settings, allowing you to create and expand your own cinematic universe.
Choose by sound type – Atmos, Drones and Scapes, Keys, Bass, Drums and Percussion, FX, Leads, Pads and Strings, Sequences and Plucks, or Synthetic Orchestra – and play it, play it, play it. The depth of content is so deep that if you played each sound for 30 seconds, it would take you 15 hours to listen to every instrument and every patch.
The organic source material was taken from our most renowned libraries including Albion ONE and the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra, recorded at the world’s best recording studios including Air, Lyndhurst Hall. These textures are easy to blend and blend with acoustic recordings and live orchestras, allowing you to create epic, destructive fusion of electronic and acoustic sounds and add an experimental dimension to your composition. From harsh urban drama, science fiction, epic action and game music to modern EDM and dance, the sheer number of sounds and presets make it extremely versatile, allowing you to create completely unique soundscapes. For those new to synthesizer programming, we have over 1000+ ready-made presets, and for those who like to tweak sounds for hours, you have the ability to modify, influence and create your own presets.
This isn’t about the music of today or yesterday – it’s a completely new soundscape that adds an extra dimension to your compositions – from lush, expansive ethereal pads to punchy, dystopian, atonal sound effects. If you’re looking for timeless cinematic textures that extend far beyond the orchestral domain, this massive array of super-controllable sounds will satisfy your otherworldly desires for years to come.
We’ve spent the last ten years building the finest collection of strings, brass, woodwind and drum libraries. But throughout this period, we had deeper ambitions. As award-winning composers, Spitfire Audio founders Paul Thomson and Christian Henson have struggled to mix synthesized sounds with the orchestral organic instruments they used in their film scores.
Working on the Stephenson range from the popular Albion Spitfire range, they found that when sounds from organic sources are distorted, they are more effectively combined with organic material, even if the distorted sound no longer resembles the original material. Following the success of the Albion line, Spitfire set about creating this new world of sound. Since many of us here at Spitfire came from the first wave of 90s dance music and experimental cinematic composition, we were very excited to work with our orchestral samples and transform them into something new. For years, we have stored a treasure trove of the best of them on a secret hard drive, a set of diamonds ready to be manipulated and distorted to create the finest electronic raw materials.
Since the inception of the Spitfire, we’ve experimented with orchestral warping. We started looking for the most sophisticated analog equipment, synthesizers, filters, gates and reverbs, and also ordered and created a set of individual paths for digital signals. Over the years, we regularly took our secret hard drive out of the closet, kicked up sounds and passed them through multi-stage signal paths.
We often left them simmering overnight, creating a delightfully dark, wrong sound.A whole set of synthetic sounds. During the warp phase, we created over a terabyte of data. Then our team set about selecting and honing the best of the best to create a collection of multiple sound sets – the foundation of eDNA Earth.
Think of the eDNA engine as a set of two turntables and a sophisticated DJ mixer. It contains two sound bays with separate and independent modulators, trim, bend, slide, clone, tune, ADSR, LPF, HPF and wobble controls that modulate pitch, volume, and filters. The built-in gate sequencer provides independent switching between the two sections and unified control of the amount, shape, speed, and length of a sequence. The two signals are then combined using a DJ style x-fader. Move between sounds using the mouse or the default modulation wheel.
But that’s not all. We have developed a special script that automatically generates x-fader oscillations with speed and phase control. Last but not least, there is a 5-step FX path in eDNA with 34 custom plugins preloaded (including a bunch of custom IRs). There are two “layer fx” stages that affect the A or B sound. The “motorized” FX stage, which can affect A, B, or both, and the FX master stage, which affects the entire signal output. Finally, there is an auxiliary FX stage, which can be sent through layers or a master FX stage. Any of these can be assigned to automation or assigned to your controller.

New in version :
ADDED: Faster options for the oscillator
ADDED: Ability to scale oscillator directions using the smaller sliders to its left / right
ADDED: Users can now pick the oscillator envelope shape
ADDED: New Wheelspin cartridge available
UPDATE: Star rating system added to allow users to rate sounds 1-5
FIXED: IR browser now selected IRs correctl


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