Polyverse Music – Infected Mushroom Bundle 2021.08 (VST, VST3, AU) [OSX]

By | September 15, 2021


Year of release: 08.2021
Version: 2021.08
Developer: Polyverse Music
Developer site: polyversemusic
Platform: iNTEL + M1
Interface language: English
Tablet: present (license file) | SPTNDC
System requirements: OSX 10.9+ 64bit, Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU, now compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur and optimized for Apple M1

Description: ENDLESS CREATIVE right at your fingertips!
The Infected Mushroom Bundle includes three groundbreaking plug-ins from Polyverse, offering a complete set of advanced tools for creating, shaping and playing sound. The Infected Mushroom package contains Manipulator, our extreme voice modulator, Gatekeeper, our volume modulator, and I Wish, the original pitch freeze plugin.
The Infected Mushroom Bundle is extremely versatile and useful in a variety of situations, and works especially well when its plugins are used together. All plugins in the Infected Mushroom package have been created, developed and tested by Infected Mushroom to allow users to access their own sounds, as well as create new, unique sounds and unheard of textures.
Transform your vocals with the Manipulator, play them like a real-time wavetable synthesizer with I Wish, and modulate any sounds with 8 independent Gatekeeper envelopes. The possibilities are endless.
GATEKEEPER 1.3.13 is the most versatile instrument for working with loudness. The new product is a volume modulator that changes the volume of the signal based on different patterns and offers gate and ducking functions, the ability to create creative amplification and stuttering effects, and much more. According to the developers, Gatekeeper is the most versatile loudness tool ever created. While developing the plugin, the developers and musicians aimed to create the most accurate and flexible gate in the world. The gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, automation tool, and the shortcut and graphing system makes creating automation with the Polyverse Gatekeeper much easier than other similar plug-ins. The plugin allows you to control 8 envelopes via MIDI-in or use the CV-out to work with connected hardware like modular synthesizers. The development includes over 100 patterns and presets to get you started, perfect for recording, mixing and sound design.
MANIPULATOR 1.4.9 is a vocal processor that processes voice with 10 unique pitch-shifting and tone-changing effects. The development was the second release of the musicians together with the Polyverse Music company. The previous joint release was the I Wish plugin.
Polyverse Music Manipulator can change the sound of vocals and melodic instruments beyond recognition. The plug-in can be used either as a separate effect or as a virtual instrument when playing on a MIDI controller. The Manipulator transforms natural vocal sound into spatial choirs, granular textures, robotic speech, and more. By the way, the musicians Infected Mushroom used the Manipulator during the recording of their latest single “Nutmeg”. The principle of operation of the Polyverse Music Manipulator is based on 5 effects: rhythm, harmonic shift, formant shift, granulation and frequency modulation sound changes. For more space while working with vocals, the plug-in is equipped with its own section of additional effects, consisting of a detuner, stereo expander, glider and other instruments.
I WISH 1.2.12 is a pitch freezer that allows you to freeze any sound in time and pitch, be it vocals, drum beats or even noise. The frozen sound can then be manipulated and modulated to create extremely musical, mind-blowing effects and sounds never before seen. It’s a synthesizer and an effect in one plugin.

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