kiloHearts – Toolbox Ultimate Slate Digital bundle 1.8.21 (VST, VST3, VSTi, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | November 8, 2021


Year / Date of Issue: 11/01/2021
Version: 1.8.21
Developer: kiloHearts
Developer site: kilohearts
Format: VST, VSTi, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured (put and work) | VR
System requirements: Windows 7+, cpu: 2 GHz or faster, mem: 1 GB or more

Description: The last step of a long journey …
Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes everything for additional host capabilities to take full advantage of the benefits you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between effects and host plugins!
Kilohearts plugins still support modular workflow (except for kHs ONE). This is why we created the ULTIMATE Kilohearts Toolbox, which gives you everything we’ve ever released so you can shine in different ways.
Explore hundreds of professional factory presets in these plugins from a variety of professional craftsmen around the world before you start modifying and creating your own.

New in version :
1.8.21 2021-11-01
– Delay
* Fixed too small hit areas for delay time when in synced mode.
– Convolver
* Fixed too small hit areas for pre-delaytime when in synced mode.
* Fixed a burst of noise that could occur when loading or manipulating an IR.
* Reduced the sensitivity when dragging the stretch parameter.
–Phase Plant
* Fixed a crash that occured when dragging the end points in the sample import tool in the wavetable editor.
– VST 2
* Fixed some parameters, most notably macros, sometimes having the wrong value after loading a preset in Reason.
– VST 3
* Fixed renaming macros not working properly in Ableton Live.

Includes :
Carve EQ.dll
kHs 3-Band EQ.dll
kHs Bitcrush.dll
kHs Chorus.dll
kHs Comb Filter.dll
kHs Compressor.dll
kHs Delay.dll
kHs Distortion.dll
kHs Dynamics
kHs Ensemble.dll
kHs Filter.dll
kHs Flanger.dll
kHs Formant Filter.dll
kHs Frequency Shifter.dll
kHs Gain.dll
kHs Gate.dll
kHs Haas.dll
kHs Ladder Filter.dll
kHs Limiter.dll
kHs ONE.dll
kHs Phase Distortion.dll
kHs Phaser.dll
kHs Pitch Shifter.dll
kHs Resonator.dll
kHs Reverb.dll
kHs Reverser.dll
kHs Ring Mod.dll
kHs Stereo.dll
kHs Tape Stop.dll
kHs Trance Gate.dll
kHs Transient Shaper.dll
Phase Plant.dll
Slice EQ.dll
Snap Heap.dll

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